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CeleBreak – Europe’s most exclusive amateur football tournament.

We at CeleBreak share one common passion: football.

As anybody who has played it will say, amateur football is so much more than ‘just a game’. An amateur football tournament is no different. It creates lasting friendships, as you share a rollercoaster of emotions with your teammates through winning and losing, final minute winners and last gasp disappointments. There really is nothing quite like it. All those early mornings, mud baths and times playing through the worst hangover ever are instantly made worth it when it all clicks and you grab a win. As any players out there will know, amateur football and your team becomes an important part of your life, often shaping your entire weekend. It definitely becomes more than just ‘the beautiful game’.

That’s why we came up with CeleBreak – a football lifestyle brand which is much more than just an amateur football tournament. We strive to provide unforgettable experiences and memories from your post season tour as you compete on the training fields of FC Barcelona that Lionel Messi train on weekly. We also aim to provide you with the best possible experience of one of the greatest cities in the world and true football capital: Barcelona, while you compete in the most exclusive amateur football tournamentOn top of that you are going to party like there is no tomorrow with your football friends in the most famous nightclubs in the city after the most amazing amateur football tournament of your life.

So come and compete in our exclusive amateur football tournament as part of your post season tour or just as a football holiday with friends, we can guarantee you’ll leave with lasting memories.

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