If you’re looking for a place or article where I’m going to praise everything there is about amateur football tournaments, then you’re definitely in the wrong blog. Here are; the 5 worst things about amateur football tournaments:


Howard Webb with a bad call
Howard Webb with a bad call

Bad referees

In some tournaments they don’t even place referees, but when they do, they are pretty bad –trying not to say another word. They are literally getting paid to go and manage a game, where football fans are kicking and screaming every minute of the game. If we, as football fans, hate you on the professional level, then what are we suppose to do if you have a bad call during our amateur football tournament?



Waiting time:


One of the worst things about amateur football tournaments is the waiting time between games. After every match you play, you have a time where you get cold, because you start to rest, and then it’s difficult for your team to start over. Reinitiate your warm up exercise for the next match, and so before every game you play.



I’m no substitute!


It comes to mind every single tournament I’ve been. There’s always that person who doesn’t want to start in the bench and in the middle of the game they’re asking for more water or for a substitution because they are tired. It’s a known fact that nobody likes to be a substitute, but if in the end we’re all going to play the same amount of minutes, then stop complaining and start playing.


Lionel Messi as a keeper
Lionel Messi as a keeper

I’m definitively no keeper!


I think that the only thing worse than being a substitute, is being a goalkeeper. Another worst thing about playing in an amateur football tournament is that not every team gets to enter the tournament with a keeper. They all want to play and score goals. This brings the most heated discussion inside the team.



When the early bird rises, we’re still drunk.


Why is it that every amateur football tournament starts early in the morning? Usually on Saturdays. When half of your team is hungover and they can’t even pass a ball, let alone endure a whole match. The first match is regularly the one that decides if we’re a aspirant for the title or the laughing stock of the tournament.


We can establish that these are the worst things about amateur football tournaments, but it is always funny as hell to watch the team discuss with referees, to see which player will be the first substitution and who will be the keeper and finally, is very funny to watch hungover players no performing as well as they hoped. In the end, we all love football and never really complain, we’ll just play.