Do you want to spend some time on your own but remain physically active? Running is one of the best and straightforward ways to get the important benefits of exercise while also allowing your mind to get away from everyday stress. In short, it is the most popular solo physical activity in the world, maintaining the perfect balance of stress relief and physical fitness.

At CeleBreak, our primary aim is to connect football lovers from all around the globe; however, football is not the only sport you can get involved. For this reason, we also invest our time gathering information on other strenuous activities such as running. This time we would like to present you a list of 7 best places to run in Barcelona.


Running Route 1: Running by the beach (Columbus Monument)

We begin our running journey at Barcelona’s waterfront, which experienced a major redevelopment prior to the 1992 Olympic Games and is now one of the city’s highlights. It is considered as one of the most popular running routes in Barcelona due to the width of the avenue, and the possibility to run by the sea.

As a starting point, we selected the Columbus Monument, which is one of the most historic towers in Europe. Following this route, you can run along the sea from a tower to the Besos River near Parc del Forum in the north. On your journey, you will be able to observe some of the historic avenues such as the Museum of the History of Catalonia, multiple beaches, and even the Barcelona Zoo.

The entire route is asphalt (paved); however, you can also choose to run on the beach if you want to run with the sea breeze.

Distance: Around 7 km (one-way)

Full route: Columbus Monument -> Besos River

Surface: Asphalt (paved) + sand (beach)

Running Route 2: Montjuic Park

Our second running route is one of the prettiest sites in Barcelona, if not in entire Spain. The Montjuic Park, or the Montjuic Site, is composed of numerous gardens, walking/running paths, museums, and a castle. A large number of routes are quite hilly with different ramps, which become even harder when you approach the top of the castle.

Our proposed journey starts at the Castle of Montjuic, through the Olympic Stadium to the Catalan Museum of Archaeology. The distance from the castle to the museum is about 2 km, which makes it a challenging route with different slopes along the way. Nevertheless, there are plenty of running options here that you can choose depending on your fitness level and mood of the day.

While running through Montjuic, you will enjoy wonderful scenery, including different gardens, Olympic facilities, and cultural centres. Even though the surface of Montjuic fluctuates from hilly to flat, it is fully paved (asphalt).

Distance: Varies greatly depending on the route (2-11 km)

Full route: Castle of Montjuic -> Catalan Museum of Arcaeology

Surface: Asphalt (paved)

Running Route 3: Ciutadella Park

Ciutadella is Barcelona’s most central urban park, located in the heart of Barcelona. It is widely used for all kinds of leisure and cultural activities, with running being at the forefront. The park is home for century-old trees, the monumental waterfall, museums, sculptures, a lake, and the Barcelona Zoo.

Ciutadella is regarded as the greenest oasis in the city of Barcelona. For this reason, running here is a real pleasure. The running paths are very smooth and completely flat, thus making it a perfect route for casual runners, who do not want to overexert but wish to enjoy the scenery along the way.

The main route, which goes around the perimeter of the park, drags for about 1.5 km and is fully paved. As it is one of the most popular running routes in Barcelona, it gets quite busy on the weekends; thus, make sure to pick the right time when to come to make the most out of your running experience.

Distance: 1.5 km (round)

Full route: Ciutadella Park

Surface: Asphalt (paved)

Running Route 4: Serra de Collserola Natural Park

Our fourth running route takes you from the noise of the city centre to the forest of greenery. Covering 8000 hectares of land, Collserola is one of the largest urban parks in the world and the largest green space in the area of Barcelona. It is one of the most often visited natural spaces in Barcelona, offering a glorious recreational area and a place for being closer to nature.

In addition to being a perfect spot for cycling, bird-watching, and historic sites, Collserola Park is also extremely popular among runners. The main reason for that is its accessibility, as the area can be easily reached by public transport that allows you to run through nature without actually having to leave the city.

On your journey, you will be able to sightsee some of the most beautiful places, including the Gaudi Cathedral, and the Mediterranean. The route is about 10 km along the mountains but is almost completely flat from start to finish with the dirty surface.

Distance: 8-10 km (one way)

Full route:

Surface: Gravel (dirt)

Running Route 5: La Rambla -> Columbus Monument -> Placa de Catalunya

Our next running route brings us back to the heart of the city of Barcelona. La Ramba is a famous pedestrian path, stretching for 1.3 km from its starting point to the Monument of Christopher Columbus. It is a perfect spot for early morning runs, as it becomes quite crowded in the later hours of the day.

Our route is comprised of the main La Rambla pedestrian mall, with some other pedestrian extensions that make it a round trip. We begin just outside the Placa de Catalunya and head all the way to the south until we reach the aforementioned Columbus Monument. Then, we turn left to Passeig de Colom, where we run by the beach on our right. After reaching the end of Passeig de Colom, we turn left again and head up the north along Via Laietana. Once we reach the Burger King, we turn left again and enter Carrer de Fontanella, where we can head towards the Placa de Catalunya.

The round trip is about 5 km long and is fully paved.

Distance: About 5 km (round trip)

Full route: La Rambla -> Columbus Monument -> Placa de Catalunya

Surface: Asphalt (paved)

Running Route 6: Besos River Run

Our sixth suggested running route will take you back closer to the land of the mother nature. Running along the Besos River is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a long run with no traffic but still relatively close to the heart of Barcelona.

The ideal journey starts at the waterfront, which is 1.5 km north of Parc del Forum, where you can run along Besos for up to 10 km. Another great reason to spend your afternoon running by the river is the options to either run along a road-side path that is paved or alongside the river on grass and dirt. Besides the beautiful views of the river, you will also be able to admire the mountains in the distance.

Distance: 9.5 km (one way)

Full route: Along the river of Besos

Surface: Asphalt (paved), grass and dirt

Running Route 7: Parc Guell

Last but not least, our final running route is located in the park of Guell. The park is one of the largest and most beautiful green spaces in Barcelona, covering more than 17 hectares of land. It was once designed by a famous architect Gaudi, who filled this stunning park with ornamental gardens, ceramic lizards, a Hall of Columns, and a curvy 499-foot bench (the world’s longest).

Guell Park is a fabulous place for every runner with its unique architecture and design. It is fully paved and has many paths going different ways, thus allowing you to design a running route of your choice.

Distance: not mentioned

Full route: Parc Guell

Surface: Asphalt (paved)


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