Even though football is the most popular sport in the world, it is not the only outdoor activity you can get involved. There are many other great sports that will get your blood pumping, your adrenaline going and will challenge you both mentally and physically.

At CeleBreak, our primary aim is to connect football lovers from all around the globe. However, as football requires a combination of complex physical needs, we also invest our time gathering information on other strenuous activities that play a major role in football conditioning. Running is certainly one of them; thus, we present a list of 9 best places to run in and outside of Malaga.


Running Route 1: Plaza de la Marina -> Banos del Carmen

Going for a run early in the morning or late in the evening is one of the most common practices amongst runners. This is even more so if you live by the sea, where you can enjoy the most stunning sunrises, and the sun falls along the coast.

Our first proposed running route is definitely worth having a look as it presents runners with one of the most gorgeous views in Malaga. It starts at Plaza de la Marina, at the entrance of Malaga’s new port. From there the running path continues next to the Parque de Malaga, which ends at Monumento a Canovas Del Castillo. On your journey, you will be able to admire fascinating views of one of the prettiest parks in Malaga. The surface is flat and made out of concrete, therefore make sure to put on your most comfortable running shoes!


After a short trip near the park, you will reach La Malagueta – the central beach of Malaga. Once at the beach, you can choose to either run along the sea on the sand or on the sidewalk which is also flat. Running along the sea is a preferred choice by most runners as you can enjoy the most incredible views of the sea while also breathing in some fresh Mediterranean air. After La Malagueta, you will reach Banos del Carmen, a very popular seaside bar. And if that was not enough, you can simply turn around and repeat your journey by running back to Plaza de la Marina.

Distance: 3.9 km (one way)

Full route: Plaza de la Marina -> Muelle Uno -> La Malagueta -> Banos del Carmen

Surface: Asphalt (concrete) and sand (beach)

Running Route 2: Parque de Malaga (Malaga Park)

From the beach to the park. Our second proposed running route will take you to one of the most frequently visited places in the city – the central Malaga park. The park extends from the Plaza del General Torrijos to the Plaza de la Marina. It consists of three walking paths of 800 metres in length and ten metres in width. The total area is more than 30.000 square meters if you join the Rose Garden surrounded by orange and cypress trees, which are next to the Consistorial House and the so-called Dark Door Gardens.

As mentioned, the park is crammed with trees and verdure, providing you with adorable views while running and a breath of fresh park air. The surface is made of asphalt and is flat when running through the park. The best way to increase your running mileage is to use the central Malaga park as a round trip.

Distance: 800 metres (one way)

Full route: Malaga Park (round trip)

Surface: Asphalt (concrete)

Running Route 3: Parque San Miguel (San Miguel Park)

The third running route takes us to another park. This time, it is located a little bit further away from the city centre next to the street of Calle Albeniz. The park is mainly composed of grass, trees, and shrubs but also has a large central square, two sports courts, and water fountains. Additionally, there is a children’s area in the park where you can recover after a light or intense running session with your loved ones.

The park’s surface is predominantly flat with a tiny few downhills and uphills present in certain parts of the park. The Parque San Miguel is slightly shorter in distance compared to the Parque de Malaga; however, it is recommended to take a round trip when running to make up for the lack of mileage.

Distance: 500 metres (one way)

Full route: San Miguel Park (round trip)

Surface: Asphalt (concrete)

Running Route 4: Carranque -> Pavero -> Gamarra

The next route presents a perfect combination of running through the city of Malaga and one of its parks – the Parque del Norte. This is a fantastic route for those who want to experience the sightseeing of Malaga in a slightly different way. A round circuit will give you a feeling of marathon running while capturing the city’s panorama from different angles.

We start our journey at the Ciudad Deportiva Carranque, then take a turn to the left to Avenida Obispo Angel Herrera Oria street before going up the north via Ingeniero de la Torre Acosta street. By the end of the street, we come across the institute of Santa Maria de la Victoria and then turn left to Calle los Rosales. Once we reach the end of the street, the pathway takes us back to the south again. Here, we continue running by the side of the Parque del Norte (North Park) and all the way back to the starting point.


Aside from many shopping windows, you will mostly adore the views of the Parque del Norte at the end of your running trip. The full trip is around 5 km in distance, with a concrete surface under your feet, but a couple of uphill and downhill slopes along the way.

Distance: 5 km (round trip)

Full route: Carranque -> Pavero -> Gamarra

Surface: Asphalt (concrete)

Running Route 5: Guadalhorce River

When running along the river in Malaga around the national park of Guadalhorce, we can find a panoramic tour of the Guadalhorce River. This specific running route is an excellent option for nature lovers and those who enjoy taking a dip after a hard workout. Guadalhorce panorama is one of the rare places in Malaga, where you are able to almost completely disconnect from the civilisation by enjoying a peaceful and quiet forest environment. Alongside your running routine, you will also be able to enjoy wonderful views of the forest.

Distance: 4-6 km (one way)

Full route: Playa de Sacaba -> Guadalhorce River

Surface: Asphalt (concrete) and natural terrain (forest)

Running Route 6: Los Montes de Malaga

The final route on our list is dedicated to hardcore runners. The route is built in and around the mountains of Malaga (Los Montes de Malaga) and varies in distance from 10 to 22 km. The running passage is super steep and super downhill at the same time, making it a real challenge even for the most experienced runners. The mountains are best accessible to the A-7000 highways; thus, it is recommended to travel there by car. Despite being a tough challenge, it will be an undoubtedly rewarding experience.

Gorgeous views of the city, complete disconnection from civilisation, and of course, increased stamina levels – Los Montes de Malaga is a place for everything.  

Distance: 10-22 km (round trip)

Full route: Las Montes de Malaga

Surface: Natural terrain (forest)


Running Route 1: Parque de la Paloma -> Puerto Benalmadena

In addition to the main running routes in the city of Malaga, there are some great passages just outside the city as well. If you find yourself having a little bit more free time, we highly recommend you to visit these places.

The first running route in the outskirts of Malaga offers runners a mixture of greenery and seacoast. It begins at Parque de la Paloma, with your journey continuing down the Federico Garcia Lorca’s avenue before entering the main Antonio Machado’s road. It will take about a kilometre and a half to reach Puerto Marina, where you will be able to enjoy stunning views of the seacoast. The surface is flat from the starting point to the finish line as you will be running on the sidewalks.

Distance: 2 km (one way)

Full route: Parque de la Paloma -> Puerto Benalmadena

Surface: Asphalt (concrete)

Nonetheless, if you decide to completely escape the city noise and prefer to run in nature, a running trip around Paloma Park could be your perfect choice. The park is open from 9 AM in the morning until 10 PM in the evening and is a perfect place not only for running but also for seeing some wildlife along the way.

Running Route 2: Puerto Banus -> Playa Rio Verde

Puerto Banus is the second-best running route in the outskirts of Malaga. It is perfect for those who are short on time but still want to stretch their legs and get their blood pumping.

Our route starts at Puerto Banus, outside some of the most luxurious boutiques in Malaga. From there we run all the way to Playa Puerto Banus while admiring some window shopping and luxurious yachts along with the port. In the first part of your journey, you will be jogging on the concrete before entering the beach area, where you will have to quickly readjust from asphalt to sand.

When running on the beach, you will have a full scope of Mediterranean sea in front of you – a sightseeing spot that is definitely worth admiring. 

Distance: 1.7 km (one way)

Full route: Puerto Banus -> Playa Rio Verde

Surface: Asphalt (concrete) and beach (sand)

Running Route 3: Paseo Maritimo Rey de Espana -> Playa de Torreblanca

Paseo Maritimo Rey de Espanas holds the name for the longest passage in Spain at 8 km in length with never-ending sandy beaches on your right. However, we decided to cut it short a little bit as running in a straight direction for a prolonged period can become slightly tedious. In this case, our journey begins at Monumento a La Peseta and extends all the way to Playa de Torreblanca. From there you will be able to see a full seaside passage when heading towards the beach of Torreblanca. You can do it either by running on the concrete sidewalk or sandy beach – the choice is yours!

It is worth pointing out that for the first kilometre or so the place can be a little crowded; however, once you reach the Torreblanca, it will be more peaceful and quieter as it is usually less crowded with people.

Distance: 2.1 km (one way)

Full route: Paseo Maritimo Rey de Espana -> Playa de Torreblanca

Surface: Asphalt (concrete) and beach (sand)


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