Amateur football tournaments can be amazing fun. Sure they come with slight annoyances, for a list of those check out the ‘5 Worst Things about Amateur Football Tournaments’ blog, but overall it’s a great place to just have fun, relax with friends and play football. Plus, there are the off the pitch factors like the celebratory drinks/drowning of sorrows and… no, that’s it really. Anyway, before I get ahead of myself, here are the 5 best things about amateur football tournaments:


Amateur Football Tournaments: It’s a great thing to do with friends

Amateur football tournaments are above all the perfect way to get your mates together for a kickabout, and a perfect excuse to drag them away from their wives and girlfriends for a couple of afternoons. The competitive edge of the tournament will make it mean more than just a kickabout in the park, but the format is still relaxed enough so that you can mess about on and off the pitch. If you also end up travelling to another country or city for the tournament you also get the added bonus of the experience of a holiday with your mates, normally in great weather, whilst you do what you enjoy most.

Every amateur footballer wants to be like Lionel Messi
Every amateur footballer wants to be him

Copy your favourite team

We’ve all done it. When you’re playing with your mates and your inner child suddenly comes out as you all try and emulate Barça’s tiki-taka and everybody suddenly becomes Messi. Of course there’s always one who wants to be Tony Adams or something boring like that, but for the most part you’re all transformed into the best players that ever lived and whose style of play you obviously don’t resemble in the slightest. Go on, you can admit. You still do this, only sometimes maybe, but still. Well this is a chance to do exactly that without being judged. Much.

Good excuse to forget your responsibilities

Work? Eh? Studying? What’s that? Amateur football tournaments are the perfect excuse to forget all about your responsibilities at work or the hours of studying you need to do so that you’re only a couple of months behind. For a few short days your focus will be solely on the football and having fun with your friends. It’s the perfect way to blow off some steam, as not only is it fun, but the exercise is great for relieving any stress that you might have over your work or studies. Speaking of exercise…

It’s a great way to exercise

Although matches won’t be as long as an 11-a-side one, you’ll get to play multiple times throughout the day in high intensity matches. So, whilst it may not seem it at the time, it’s a brilliant form of exercise. It’s also much more interesting than running down the same footpath, or staring outside of the same window at the gym as you go nowhere on the treadmill. By signing up for an amateur football tournament you get all of the fun that comes with a kickabout with your mates, plus the old ‘getting some exercise’ excuse isn’t actually a lie, as the competitiveness of it means you will actually be doing that. Great, right?

Celebratory drinks after the amateur football tournament
The post-game drinks: why we really play….

Celebratory drinks/Drowning your sorrows

You might’ve sensed by now that there’s a theme running through all of these things: that it’s a great excuse for doing this or that. Well this is probably more the case for this than any of the others, as, realistically, a kickabout with friends is great exercise and really fun, but for this, you may need an excuse. Post-match drinks come with the territory when playing football as part of a team, but that’s only enhanced at a tournament as more often than not you’re meeting new people, and what better way to get to know the guy you kicked all over the park than when you’re both slightly tipsy?

In reality though, all of these things are some of the many reasons we love playing amateur football and when you’re playing in a tournament you can often add the fact that you get to travel somewhere amazing and make new friends/drinking buddies to that list. Did we miss anything that really should be on the list? Let us know in the comments!