How To Find Accommodation in Barcelona

Going to Barcelona for a semester exchange, internship or just a gap year, and looking to find an accommodation in Barcelona? Then this article might be good for you to read! Many people in our CeleBreak Football Community have been in this same position!

Finding student rooms or apartments in Barcelona is known to be a difficult task. Not only is it one of the most expensive cities of Europe, regarding houses, apartments and rooms, Barcelona is also considered a “seller’s market”. Every year there are a lot of people who are looking for rooms in Barcelona. Now CeleBreak, Barcelona’s biggest football community, has made a list of options for you!

Options to Find Accommodation in Barcelona

Home accommodation

1. Start looking inside your own network to see whether you know someone who has been in Barcelona before and has rented a room. Get in contact with the landlord they rented an accommodation with directly without the intervention of an agency, because this will save money. Agencies usually charge administration fees which usually are quite high.

2. Book a flight to Barcelona and then start looking for a room yourself. With this you can for example first check the neighbourhood, the condition of the room and maybe even roommates your will be sharing an accommodation with. To do this you usually need the intervention of an agency. The downside of this option is that you are not assured of getting a room quickly.

3. The most used option is to book a room through an agency online. There are several agencies which offer good accommodations in Barcelona. The plus side of this is that you will be immediately assured of having a room. Downside is that you probably will not know the condition the room is in, or with whom you will share the accommodation.

8 Accommodation Companies in Barcelona

1. FlatFit

FlatFit is an application you can download on to your phone to help you search for a roommate. They understand how hard it can be to find a roommate in a big city, let alone one you get along with. This company is unique because you see the percentage of compatibility with each potential roommate, and you match with the ones that have similar lifestyles as you.  In 4 easy steps, you can be living happily in your brand new city! Find, match, chat, and live together!

2. Habitatge Jove

Habitatge Jove is an agency only located in Barcelona. They offer complete flats to share with friends and single rooms. Their website shows availability for accommodations in many different areas of Barcelona, collaborating with different landlords.

3. Rent Room Barcelona

Also only operating in Barcelona. As you will see on their website, they offer accommodations in 3 different areas in Barcelona. Their website is very easy to navigate through, and it is very easy to book a room on their website (if available of course).

4. Spotahome

This is a very big intermediary offering accommodations in cities all over Europe. Regarding Barcelona, they have a lot of rooms to offer in collaboration with different landlords. Spotahome’s website is very straight to the point. Just fill in Barcelona at the city tab and your check-in and check-out date, and you are good to go!

5. Housing Anywhere

Offers accommodations in hundreds of cities in the world, one of which of course is Barcelona. Landlords offer their rooms here themselves so you usually will be directly in contact with your landlord!

6. Piso Compartido

As the name suggests, this is a Spanish intermediary which offers shared apartments (pisos compartidos) all over Spain. Also, the good thing about this agency is that they give you a small intro about your roommates on their website, so you will know who you will be sharing an accommodation with.

7. Uniplaces

More than 250.000 students have decided to book a room or apartment with Uniplaces before you. It is one of the fastest growing accommodation intermediaries there is. In Barcelona they offer rooms in every part of the city.

8. Idealista

Idealista is a Spanish intermediary which is active in every part of Spain. Good thing about their set up is that you can precisely choose in which part of Barcelona you want to look for an accommodation.

Good luck finding your accommodation in Barcelona!

After you find a place to stay, find the closets pitch!

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