Are you organising an up-coming event? Do you need a specific type of Dj and don’t know where to find one?

Or maybe you are a Dj and want to show your work to a wider audience?


Then BeMyDj is where you should look.




BeMyDj is an innovative Spanish organisation, based in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon, which is passionate about music and the creation of all kinds of music events. To them, music is the fundamental piece towards the success of an event. They want to capture the dreams and special moments that both the artists and the customer want to create.




They enable people to find any specific genre of Dj that they desire all in one place, for any type of occasion, from Deep-House to Indie or Soul. On their site you can see the trajectory of each DJ and their work to make the perfect decision and make your event an unforgettable experience.


It also provides up and coming Dj’s with a platform to promote their music and get access to more events.




To us at CeleBreak music is also one of our passions.


Before playing a game, music gives you the motivation to play to your maximum. Even world class coach Guardiola agrees. Do you know his favourite song to motivate his players before a match? – Viva la Vida.


After a match, you can’t celebrate in style without it too. Music is an integral part of our CeleBreak experience both at the tournament and on our nights out, so get ready for a music-filled experience like never before.


For more information see their website

Or contact them on en or by telephone 685 176 189.