One of the biggest brands in the world of sports is Adidas. They innovate every year with new clothing and signing new Adidas Football Players. Theses players are expected to become the next generation of stars in a world where the marketing strategy is very important in the life of a football player.

The German brand has had many of the greatest football players ever to play the game. The top 5 Adidas football players which we think are the best in terms of marketing, trophies won and money made for the brand are:


  1. Xavi Hernández
Xavi makes the list of best Adidas football players
Xavi showing his Adidas

He may be the greatest Spanish player ever to play. His way of playing even represented what Adidas was looking in a player. Xavi’s philosophy of playing the game matches with what Adidas searches when they sign a high profile player. He is a midfielder with a good first touch of the ball, who can be decisive with a great pass between the lines to open a closed defense. During his best years in Barcelona he proved to be a world-class maestro in the football field.

World Cup and European winner twice, Xavi was part of the greatest generation of Spanish football. Competing at the highest level with club and country, he managed to win more than 30 trophies during his whole career. The Barcelona midfielder understood Pep Guardiola’s idea and won everything with his club. This is what all the Adidas football players need to achieve.


  1. Franz Beckenbauer
The greatest German player to play the game is one of the best Adidas football players
The greatest German player to play the game

The “Kaiser” is considered not only one of the best German players, but one of the best players in the history of football. The sweeper played in Bayern Munich for most of his professional career. Winning every trophy there is to win. He is one of the few footballers to have won the World Cup as a player and as a coach. He won it in 1974 as a player and in 1990 as a coach. Leading the German team with his philosophy throughout the whole tournament.

He was a huge iconic figure during the 70’s and 80’, so Adidas decided to sponsor him. Also having sponsored the German national team, it was an obvious choice to have the captain and leader.




  1. Lionel Messi
Messi is the best of the current Adidas football players
Messi is the face of Adidas at the moment

He may be the greatest player ever to play the game. Every week that passes he manages to break another record. It’s not only the scoring goals, but the passing and the individual brilliance that makes us wonder in amazement every time we see him on the field. He is the only player to reach FIVE Ballon d’ Or and still competing at a high level with option to achieve his sixth in 8 years.

The Adidas team made a huge bet in 2005 when they saw Lionel Messi and knew he was going to be huge. The youngster had a story that every Adidas fan could relate to. He was a very small player who had it difficult to reach a professional level. He had to inject himself with growth hormones that would help him grow up. Right now, all this has changed. People are buying Adidas just for Messi and who he is, not for his story and what he represents. That’s why, in my opinion, he will never be number one in the best Adidas football players.


  1. Zinedine Zidane
Zizou is one of the top Adidas football players ever
Zinedine Zidane continues to wear Adidas

Class made football. He may be the best pure 10. Nobody could match him and the passes he made. He also lead France to win their first World Cup in 1998 and lead them two years later to victory over Italy in the final of the European Cup. He was part of the greatest generation of French players. He played –mainly, with Juventus and Real Madrid. Zizou won everything and was never hated by any fan because he never disrespected anybody.

Adidas built a whole campaign around the French player, even after he retired, because his style of playing and his attitude towards the brand has always been top. He was the face for many years for Adidas and always wearing the classics that go with his personality.


  1. David Beckham
David Beckham is top of this list of the best Adidas football players.
David Beckham is the only player to have a lifetime deal with Adidas

Without a doubt, on a list of the best Adidas football players, he is number one. Winning everything with Manchester United, he was the most famous player to step on a football field. His marriage to one of the Spice Girls, Posh Spice, made him even more famous and desirable for many fans. He may be one of the best free kick takers, and boy did he do it with style, and a great passer and finisher from outside the box. He could place a ball anywhere in the pitch without loosing his glamour.

David Beckham is the only player to have “scored” a lifetime deal with Adidas. Even after his retirement, the Adidas brand continues to pay him for publicity stunts and advertising. He was the face of the brand for many years and every time anybody thinks of Adidas, the first thing to come to mind is the “Adidas Mania” that he and many others players used to play in.


Adidas Mania, since '94, has kitted out the best Adidas football players
Adidas Mania since 94

Adidas represents a style of play that adapts to players with unique qualities. Good with the ball, capable of Hollywood passes, classy players and, if you check the list, you will see that all of them are excellent free kick takers. These are, according to us, the best Adidas football players ever. If you have anyone else don’t hesitate to let us know!