Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to travel around.  It has a distinct feel from any other city.  From the architecture to the people, Barcelona has an enriching history that draws from many different cultures.  This beautiful city hosts a multitude of events, but even at times when events are few, there are still no shortage of activities in Barcelona.  As a community dedicated to amateur football in Barcelona, we at CeleBreak, love all kinds of outdoor activities in Barcelona.  We enjoy cross-training, sightseeing, and exploring the urban areas of Barcelona.  Here are some best outdoor activities that tourists and locals would love in Barcelona:

Playing Football:

It’s no surprise that we are putting football with CeleBreak as the best outdoor activity in Barcelona. However, despite our biased choice, Barcelona is known for its’ passionate FC Barcelona fans and enthusiastic football lovers. Many people here both play and watch football regularly, so getting involved in a community of these people through CeleBreak is a great way to get outside and move, as well as meet new people and have fun. CeleBreak sets up pick-up sessions, leagues and tournaments for men and women at times and places around the city that are easy and convenient. If you would like to sign up to play football with CeleBreak, download their app in the Apple Store or Google Play, or send a message on WhatsApp to (+34 722 150 688)

Hiking Montserrat:

Montserrat Mountain Activities
Atop the Montserrat Mountain

The Montserrat Mountain is about half an hour away from Barcelona. Aside from the obvious prospect of hiking or walking the paths up the mountain. There are also paths for rock climbing as well, for the more adventurous visitors of the mountain.   This mountain offers a wide range of climbs between the easier 3rd class scrambles and via ferratas to the professional 14th class climbs of 5.14c.  Above all else, the view atop the mountain is second to none.  Hikers and climbers of all levels love the Montserrat Mountain.

Visiting the Public Parks in Barcelona:

Park Activities
Park Ciutadella

Barcelona is a beautiful city with many public parks.  Barcelona features natural parks as well as parks with sculptures, and each park feels unique from every other, as if you had to travel many kilometers away just to find a distinction between in landscape.  Fortunately, there are at least a dozen parks that anyone can walk through or ride a bike through, as each park has a unique feel, it is recommended that you visit as much as you can.  A couple of our favorite spots from the workers at CeleBreak include: Park Guell, Ciutadella Park, and the Spain Industrial Park.  

Park Guell offers a bright and beautiful scenery that really shines during the daytime.  The vibrant colors of the walls and sculpture are sure to brighten anyone’s day.  

Ciutadella Park shows one of the largest green areas in the city, as it is an area that is full of trees.  One of the biggest attractions to the park is the large and ornate fountain located near the center of the area.  The park is a great picnic spot, with beautiful scenery anywhere you go.  There isn’t a spot without a mellow view in the entire area.  

Finally, the Spain Industrial Park was built on a former textile factory, and it now features a large plaza, an artificial lake, fountains, and many trees.  The site definitely feels more modern due to the vastness of the artificial lake, which doesn’t take away from the beauty, but adds to it.  The main attraction here is the giant metal dragon! It is 32 meters wide, 12 meters tall, and also acts as a slide for children, too!  The Industrial Park is one of the more unique parks in Barcelona, but there is no mistaking its beauty.

Going to the Barcelona Beaches:

Beach Activities
Badalona Beach

Let’s be honest, anyone who is visiting Barcelona isn’t visiting for the beaches.  They visit for the history, they visit for the architecture, and they visit for the monuments.  The beaches are supplemental to the experience of Barcelona.  But if you are here for multiple days and want a day at the beach, you can’t go wrong here.  The beaches are very beautiful, full of people, and a great place to take a dive in the Mediterranean Sea.  One of our favorite beaches is a short half-hour train trip to the Badalona Beach. It remains quiet most of the time.  You can have a great day without having to deal with too many people on the beach.  The beaches in Barcelona hold a great time for all people, and you can’t go wrong with a mellow day at a Barcelona beach!

Running in the Barcelona Triathlon:

Barcelona activities: triathalon
Start of the 2016 Barcelona Triathlon

The Barcelona triathlon is once a year, and it is one of Barcelona’s most popular annual events, as it attracts around 6000 athletes from around the world.  The event contains three different distances: Super-sprint Distance, Sprint Distance, and the Olympic Distance Triathlon.  The distances are sorted and named for the expected distance of the triathlon for beginners, intermediates, or experts.  The race isn’t just for athletes, but it is great for spectators as well.  Thousands of people watch the start of the race, and thousands more line the streets during the biking and running parts of the triathlon.  It may be a once-a-year event but if you plan to race, it could be a strong motivator for continued physical activity.  Whether you want to participate or spectate, it is an amazing event.

Beach Volleyball, Paddle Tennis and More!

Other Sport activities
Beach Volleyball

We, at CeleBreak love playing football, but when we aren’t playing in our organized leagues or finding pickup games near us on our app.  We love to play other sports and always strive to excel at what we do while having fun.  

There are some places in Barcelona to play a sport other than football.  Biking or swimming is always a popular option. With the beautiful sights, no one can help but looking for the best places to ride their bikes.  

Tennis and paddle tennis are features at some tennis and athletic clubs around Barcelona. The red clay in Barcelona plays a little bit slower than traditional hard courts.  Clay courts are perfect for beginners, and amazing for veterans of the sport.  If you are looking for basketball, then you are in luck. There is no shortage of public basketball courts in Barcelona.  The courts are spread across the city and are usually located near the public parks.  Beach volleyball is also popular among younger individuals and beach-goers, and you can find plenty of nets and playing areas on the Barcelona beaches.

No matter what you are looking for, Barcelona has an wide selection of activities throughout the city.  From beachgoing to mountain climbing, Barcelona has it all!