You have just arrived in Barcelona and you’re anxious to get out and explore the city. Like myself you probably really want to go see the magnificent attractions Barcelona has to offer such as Gaudi’s work La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, or even taking a stroll down beach over at Barceloneta to enjoy the weather but that’s not that matters here in Barcelona. What matters is the passion for sports in Barcelona, and there’s no way in hell you’re going to miss that next big match nor are the locals.

Every street you turn on you’re amazed by the amount of bars, sport-loving fanatics are piling into. Whether it’s the next World Cup, the Champions League, El Clasico, the Euros, or the FA Cup final. Barcelona is known for having the best sports bars to watch whatever match you want to see. You can catch me in a pub drinking a cold beer catching all the action instead of getting burnt down at the beach and suffering the next week.

Many of you tourists or newcomers might be afraid of coming to Barcelona because you think they might not be screening what you want to see but that doesn’t matter here in Barcelona. Regardless if you’re American and want to watch the Super bowl, or an Englishman trying to watch some tennis or any other international sport, one of the sport bars in town will be screening what you want to see.

We from CeleBreak have the ideal list of the Barcelona’s best sport bars.

L’Ovella Negra: (street: Calle Bergara, 3)          

Biggest tavern in Barcelona, has an energetic atmosphere. One of the few places in Barcelona where they have a lot of seating and their drinks are cheap along with their food. A lot of locals and college student go to L’Ovella Negra, so if you’re younger you definitely have to go here at least once.

The George Payne Irish Pub: (street: Plaza Urquinaona, 5)

Probably the best Irish bar in town has ample space and has theme nights on different days of the week (Monday: Beer Pong Tournament, Thursday: Karaoke, etc.). The food and drinks are very good and the prices are fair, if you are with a group of people you can get a blackout tray which is only 20€. Great atmosphere for any type of match you’re trying to watch and a great place to start a pub-crawl. A lot of tourists are usually here, with a mix of locals. If I would have to rank these sports bars George Payne would be one of my favorites.

Flaherty’s Irish Bar: (street: Placa Joaquim Xirau)

Ireland in Barcelona, this Irish bar is very similar to George Payne. They have a great selection of drinks on tap for a good old pint. They also serve great British food for reasonable prices. They have tons of flat-screens and projectors and as many sports channels as you can imagine. It’s a good sized pub, and they even have a poolroom where you can play darts and pool. This is located right off the Las Ramblas, which is only a 5-minute walk to Barceloneta.

Belushi’s Bar: (street: Calle Bergara, 3)

Good sports bar to head to if you’re close by, has plenty of screens to watch games on and a main room with projectors. The crowd is younger but the atmosphere is awesome especially if you’re going there to watch a football game. I would advise you to get there a little bit earlier to find a seat. Food is typical bar food (nachos, burgers, etc.). A bucket of 6 Heineken for 10€, if you want a good drinking spot to catch a game, this is a great option.

Shenanigans: (street: Calle Marques de Barbera, 11)

This is a smaller Irish bar just off the main of Las Ramblas. Beer is very cheap, I believe they have some of the cheapest pints out of most of the Irish bars in Barcelona. This is more of your traditional pubs, the space is kind of congested but I would definitely recommend it if you’re with a small group of people and want to enjoy a beer and a match. Go take a look!