Football is big business now. The most recent deal between Sky, BT and the Premier League shows just how big: £5 billion for the next 3 seasons is astonishing amounts of money. Another aspect of the mixing between big business and football is the huge sponsorship deals achieved by big European clubs. So, we look at the companies who are a part of the biggest football sponsorship deals in the world. Brace yourself for some big numbers. 


Of the top 10 biggest football sponsorship deals in terms of kit suppliers, Adidas make up 5 on their own – including their huge £75m/year deal with Manchester United that lasts until 2025. Whilst £750 million (!) seems a huge layout just on one team, and it is in all fairness, Adidas also benefit the most from Man United’s huge shirt sales and the international exposure brough to their brand by stars like Pogba, Ibrahimovic and Rooney. In addition, they also sponsor Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and currently Chelsea, so they have Eden Hazard, Cristiano Ronaldo and Arjen Robben, to name just a few, showing off their stylish kits. Not bad in all honesty.  

Barcelona showing off their iconic Nike kit.


The other major kit manufacturer in terms of the biggest football sponsorship deals is Nike. Alongside their individual brand stars, they produce the iconic Barcelona kit, with a new deal worth £100 million a year coming into effect in 2018. The most successful club in the world in the past 10 years is not a bad club to be associated with. Boasting a portfolio that includes Man City, PSG and Chelsea in the near future, it’s fair to say that Nike have spent serious money establishing themselves as Adidas’ main rival for being known as the premier football sponsors.  

Real Madrid announcing one of the biggest football sponsorship deals with Fly Emirates.Fly Emirates 

Fly Emirates boast a sponsorship portfolio as impressive as any company in the world. Whilst their individual outlay on each team doesn’t put them top of a list of the biggest sponsorship deals, they currently feature on the front of Arsenal, PSG, Real Madrid and AC Milan shirts. That’s not bad at all. Alongside that, they have their name attached to Arsenal’s huge, modern stadium, so they’re intrinsically linked to the club beyond just their shirt sponsor. Fly Emirates have become an increasingly prominent football sponsor and, judging by their recent rise, they show no signs of slowing down.  


The Russian energy company sponsor a number of teams in Europe, and whilst none of them threaten the biggest football sponsorship deals, their collection of sponsorships makes them one of the most prominent sponsors. Alongside sponsoring Russian side Zenit St Petersburg, historic German side Schalke 04 and Serbian giants Red Star Belgrade, Gazprom also attach their name to the Champions League and have a link with Chelsea of some sort. Whilst it may not compete with Fly Emirates’ blockbuster portfolio, having their name attached to these big football names, especially the Champions League, really promotes their brand outside of Russia. Neat business that from Gazprom.