Many of you all coming into Barcelona might be gym junkies, while others just like to workout to stay in shape. Barcelona is known to be a very active place having to walk a lot, but even walking isn’t enough of a workout. Studies have shown that adults between the ages of 18 and 64 should exercise moderately for at least two hours and 30 minutes or vigorously for at least an hour and 15 minutes weekly. Depending on how long your stay in Barcelona will be you can very much get a cheap membership at a gym or use one of the outdoor gyms placed by Barcelona to workout. Today CeleBreak, the amateur football tournament organization, will give you suggestions about some of the cheapest gyms in Barcelona so you’re able to live a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Duet Fit (Bruc and Universitat in Eixample, and Via Augusta in Gracia)

There are 3 Duet Fit “Clubs Esportiu” in Barcelona, all found in the Zona Alta of the city. In all Duet Fits they offer weights and cardio machines for all level of expertise. They also offer courses by professionals such as zumba, pilates and crunches. You can also see new services via their website. The customer service at this gym is great and you feel like family.

Price (Bruc Centre and Universitat)

  • Per day: 8€
  • Per month: 26.90€ + 25€ registration fee
  • Per year: 262.80€ (21.90€/month) + 12.50€ registration fee (they sometimes have offers removing registration fee on annual memberships)

Price (Augusta Centre)

  • Per day: 8€
  • Per month 30.90€ + 25€ registration fee
  • Per month Premium (access to all locations): 30.90€ + 30€ registration fee
  • Per year: 322.80€ (21.90€/month) + 12.50€ registration fee (they sometimes have offers removing registration fee on annual memberships


  1. AltaFit (Carrer Mallorca)

This gym is located on Carrer de Mallorca, 318 in Eixample the only downside is that there is only one location. In this gym there are more than 200 machines available to use, with daily courses that are monitored by personal trainers. You also have the option of hiring a personal trainer to help you out with your weight management. At this gym it’s better to sign up at the start of the month because if you don’t you lose the days that have already passed during that month.


  • Per month: 26.50€ + 36.18€ registration fee
  • Per quarter: 72.24€ (24.08€/month) + 24.08€ registration fee
  • Per year: 288.95€ (24.08€/month)


  1. Dir

Probably the most famous gyms in Barcelona with a total of 17 locations spread throughout the city. This is a positive thing because you have variety of where you can workout out. Each gym has machines, swimming pools, saunas and spas. They also daily activities along with that they also offer diet management, physiotherapy, restaurant access, personal trainers and much more. If I were to get a gym membership it’d definitely be at Dir.


  • Per month: From 20.90€/month. 29.23€ including registration fees

* But keep in mind Dir sometimes changes their prices so check beforehand to make sure you’re content with the price*


  1. Simply Gym (Carrer de Buenaventura Munoz, 64)

This is another low cost gym with a lot of space, like other gyms they have plenty of things to offer. You can ask for advice from a personal trainer, or participate in-group exercise. But you can also workout by yourself you know what you’re doing. This is another low cost gym in Barcelona you can join.


  • 29.9€ a month, but you’ll pay 9.9€ the first month and 19.9€ the next 11 months if you choose the 12 months commitment. Of course there is a registration fee of 25€ and the card partner costs 15€.


5) Outdoor Fitness Centre’s and Groups/Clubs

Don’t forget about other ways to stay in shape for FREE in Barcelona. The beach is a great place where many runners run at or they jog up to Montjic. Barcelona has many small outdoor sports and fitness facilities, especially by the beach. A popular outdoor gym is at Barceloneta and it’s known as “Muscle Beach.” Not only that you can also join (running, swimming, etc.) club/group. Take advantage of these resources via Facebook and Meetup to organize or join a group.