Barcelona has one of the best football teams in the world but Camp Nou is also the largest stadium in Europe, the 2nd largest football stadium in the world, with 98,787 seats (105,053 after the planned renovation that will begin in 2017 and be finished in 2021). Today here at CeleBreak, the football lifestyle brand, we will give you tips on how to purchase FC Barcelona tickets so you can attend a match.


Before you buy a ticket you should know how the ticket distribution works. In Camp Nou season ticket holders hold most of the seats so, but not all season ticket holders attend all matches and that’s where the tickets the season holders hold are put up to be resold. Every home game the season ticket holders can free his/her seat if they aren’t going to attend the match that’s when those tickets are available to be purchased by other people. But Camp Nou does have tickets you can buy, below I’ll explain how you can get tickets to a Barcelona match.


Option 1: Buying Tickets Online

Once this happens you then have to purchase the ticket/s, I recommend that you do this online, but be aware of unofficial sites selling tickets most of the time it’s more than likely a scam. The best place to purchase tickets is the FC Barcelona website or Ticketmaster because it is an official FC Barcelona partner.


Option 2: Buying Tickets at Official Locations

The locations in Barcelona that you’re able to buy tickets at are: FC Barcelona ticket office at Camp Nou stadium, Tourist information office at Pl. Catalunya, Fnac stores, Official FC Barcelona shops. But be aware that games could be sold out; all the good seats might be taken meaning that if it’s more than one person you all might have to sit away from each other.


Option 3: Scalping Tickets

Another way to get tickets is to try and scalp tickets. People will try to sell tickets they have for higher prices before the game. But the seller usually drops the price once the game starts because they’re just trying to sell the ticket at that point. You can find people selling tickets (scalpers) around the stadium, so if you need to scalp a ticket you want to go to Camp Nou before the match starts. If you don’t care how much money you’ll be spending to watch Barcelona play a football match you should definitely scalp your ticket. This is more of a desperate measure to get tickets, because there’s so many other ways to get tickets. The negative thing about scalping tickets is that they could be fake another negative thing is that you’ll probably pay a lot more than the face value but that’s the thing about scalping tickets.

Finally, you have to pick up your tickets. But the best way to get your tickets is to print out at home. If that isn’t available you can save the ticket and print it off somewhere in Barcelona or if you have an iPhone/Android phone you can use an E-ticket that has a QR code that can be scanned at Camp Nou. Tickets purchased through FC Barcelona ticket office can be picked up at the ticket box but I recommend you pick up your tickets a day before the match, to pick up your tickets you’ll need a copy of the reference e-mail and a photo ID (ID card, passport or driver’s license). And that’s how you’re able to buy tickets for a FC Barcelona match.