And our second Sunday was a full success again, back on the pitch of Guineueta, our 8 teams carried out great competitions!

Beginning with the match of Barely Legal and third half which was filled with goals and excitemet; after a tough first half in which both teams struggled to maintain control of the ball, Barely Legal was able to score 2 goals against Third Half’s strong goaly. After the Second Half started, the Third Half had a come back with 3 goals. However, Barely Legal was not done yet! They strenghten their mid-field with a super performance by Karen and Tim who were able to turn around the game again with goals from “The old Guy” (Tim) and the Islandic Striker (Erla) to win the game 7-3 at the end. Wow!!


Second match Beerussia Dortmund against Sporting Carajillos! The teams were playing quite evenly with a score of 1:2 for the Sporting Carajillos when the ref whisteled for half time break. However, end of story was that the man of the game became Mostafa, scoring 6 out of the 8 goals – the last one being a team collaboration of Mostafa who dribbled around Beerussia’s keeper but instead of placing the ball himself into the empty goal in front of him – he gave it to his team member Paul and let him score. Glorious action! Final score was 8:2 for Carajillo Sporting.

Furthermore, Las Agapitas competed against Team Potatoe Head, with Brit scoring the first two goals making it seem like victory is in sight, until Potatoe Head turned the whole match around after about 15 minutes to finish the game with a 9:2 final score. Oufff! Las Agapitas missed many of its regular team members that day, of course being the only reason why dynamic was lacking that day. 😉


Last match of the second league day was from the All Star team against the Vikings. Despite of the fact that the Vikings play in a totally new team constellation this season, they played quite well together, unfortunately, at the end only the numbers count, which were a quite “numerous” with an 11:5 victory of the All Star Team. Next week, new chances! Hoping to see great participation again for league day 3! 🙂