Rain Day. Our last Sunday’s sessions were ironically surprised by rain falls which began at the very moment when the first game began and ended when the referee blew the whistle to end the last game. Clouds abruptly moved to demonstrate at least a beautiful sunset.


Just as intense as the rain were our final results. The Vikings vs. Carajillo Sporting was marking the first big competition in which the Vikings scored an incredible amount of 11 goals against Sporting Carajillo with Captain Mostafa who tried to motivate his team fervently. Unfortunately, this time his team did not manage to catch up throughout the match so that final score was 11-6. Heads up Carajillos, new week – new chance!

Next game was carried out by Las Agapitas against Barely Legal. The Teams played quite equal in the beginning, though Las Agaptas is also still in the process to set up their team correctly and missed the routined players especially in their defence, thus eventually was defeated 1-5.

Another strong competition was the Team Third Half against the All Star Team in which the All Stars lived up to their name in the first half and started off strong scoring four goals. Team Third Half was struggling a bit but gradually found its way into the game mainly thanks to Eduardo who scored goals with ease. The team managed to score seven times but it was not enough. Eventually, the All Star Team celebrated their victory of 10-7. A very enjoyable game with plenty of goals.

Last game of the day was Beerusia Dortmund against the Potato Heads which ended a bit grey for the Beerusias with a score of 0-7. Main reasoning as claimed from the captain was that their team consists of only new members and still needs more time to organize themselves well, in return the Players of Potato Head know each other very well and could thus rely on their established team spirit.
Excited for this Sunday’s Match Day 4.
New games, new chances, more sunshine 😎