The first whistle blow of the referee marked the start of the competition between Barely Legal against the Vikings. In the beginning both teams struggled for the ball and there was no clear control of the match until suddenly Barely Legal’s player Sam could beat the goal keeper with a low angle right shot to mark the 1-0! But the Vikings would not allow a simple goal from starting to push forward through their mid fielder. After just a couple of minutes, the Vikings scored for tie. Second half started off with a lot of pressure from Barely Legal trying to score their second goal. This eventually became reality after Tim-o converted a beautiful corner kick into a goal. Vikings kept trying but there was just something missing, maybe it was top striker Ellen who did not play that day!!? Barely Legal ended up beating the Vikings by 5-1.

The next match between Team Third Half and Beerrussia Dortmund was probably the most dramatic one on this 4. League day. Beerrussia started out very strong with best players of the match being You and Anand. They had scored 3 goals when You suddenly got injured with a painful knee twist and could not continue playing. Very unfortunate, she will be out for two weeks. Since that moment, the team Third Half took over the game and scored 4 goals. Beerussia could score another one so that the game ended in a 4-4 tie, but who knows what Beerrussia Dortmund would have been able to achieve if You could have stayed. Get better soon! =)

Another very strong match was carried out between the All Star Team vs. Las Agapitas. It was an exciting match with Las Agapitas being quite able to hold against the All Stars which is currently taking the first place in the league table. First goal was marked by the All Stars, however, Las Agapitas kept pushing forward, with Jose and Edgar being the top scorers. Eventually, it was not missing a lot to reach a tie, but it were the All Stars that beat Las Agapitas 5-3.


The last game of the day was carried out between Carajillo Sporting against Team Potato Head. One game – 12 Goals. Wow! Who won? Well, the first 15 minutes of the match there were no goals at all, both teams playing equally strong. When suddenly the scene started; 2 goals from Potato Head. Then Mostafa scored one for his Carajillo Sporting. After that four more for Potato Head, followed by Mostafa who scored another one. However, victory was out of sight for Carajillo Sporting on that day. When the ref blew the whistle to end the game, the Team Potato Head had scored a total of 10 goals, beating Carajillo Sporting with 10-2.