Silence of Lahms FC Champions of the “Monday League!


Last day of the “Monday League”, Silence of Lahms have been proclaimed champions of this edition of the League, after a very serious and well played championship they have been the best! The positions for the next week’s playoffs have also been defined. They will face, on one hand, the best 16 teams of all the Leagues (Top 16 playoffs) and the rest of the teams (top 17-32 playoffs).

PlayOffs Top 1st-16th

  1. Pressing FC (Sunday League)
  2. Lads on Toure (Sunday League)
  3. World VII (Sunday League)
  4. Patatinaikos (Sunday League)
  5. Cebollitas FC (Sunday League)
  6. Vodka Juniors (Sunday League)
  7. Euroaula (Sunday Student League)
  8. Team to be confirmed (Sunday Student League)
  9. Team to be confirmed (Sunday Student League)
  10. Silence of Lahms F.C. (Monday League)
  11. We need a goalie (Monday League)
  12. Erasmus F.C. (Monday League)
  13. Rayo Vayacaño (Tuesday League)
  14. Intrepid de Gracia (Tuesday League)
  15. Espiritu d’Ibra (Tuesday League)
  16. Inglorious Bastards (Tuesday League)

PlayOffs Top 17th-32nd

  1. Esperanza (Sunday League)
  2. Satalia F.C. (Sunday League)
  3. Mestizos (Sunday League)
  4. Olympique Cosmopolita (Sunday League)
  5. Geland F.C. (Sunday League)
  6. Timpik FC (Sunday League)
  7. Revolution (Sunday Student League)
  8. Team to be confirmed (Sunday Student League)
  9. Team to be confirmed (Sunday Student League)
  10. Santpaulista (Monday League)
  11. Mezclum FC (Monday League)
  12. No Transfer Budget (Monday League)
  13. HCC Tokio Marine (Tuesday League)
  14. Agrupacio Esportiva Typeform (Tuesday League)
  15. Melting Potes (Tuesday League)
  16. Atom FC (Tuesday League)

Monday: Turo de la Peira and La Florida between 20h-23h

Tuesday: Agapito Fernández between 21h-23h

Sunday: Guineueta between 14h-18h

The days assigned for each match will be known once the positions of all the Leagues are defined, next Sunday, December 3rd.

The first game of the night was played in Turo de la Peira between Santpaulista and Silence of Lahms, the first classified against the fourth. Santpaulista played his last options to enter the top 16 playoffs of December, they had to win the match and wait for Erasmus Fc to lose theirs, unfortunately for them neither of the two situations happened, they were defeated by 4 goals to 1, while Erasmus Fc won by 5 goals to 7 against No Tranfer Budget.

Erasmus FC is then classified for the top 16 playoff of next week, they won their match against No Transfer Budget but it was not easy, very similar to last week, they started winning the match with solvency (3-1) and controlled the ball until the opponent tied them and they were even ahead of the score (3-4). The difference with last week is that this time they ended up winning their game by 7 goals to 5. No Transfer Budget didn’t have a chance to win a game in this league. This has been, then, the last game of one of the players that has played the most matches in the CeleBreak Leagues, Mate Pal, returns to his origin country (Hungary) but we hope to see him soon again in Barcelona! 2 silver medals with Yaakase City and one MVP in the “Tuesday League”. Good Luck Crack!

The final match of the day played between We need a goalie against Mezclum FC (7-4). Although the result does not reflect it, the match has been very even, chances for both teams and of course a lot of tension, We need a goalie ended up winning the match in the last minutes of the match with a great goal included,  corner kick and shot volley without dropping the ball, straight to the corner!

This way ends up this edition of the “Monday League”. Hope you enjoyed it and that you join us in the next edition from January 2018! Thank you.