Sunday League

A League of 5!


More emotion can not be asked! the first 5 classified are only separated by one point of difference, very strong and consolidated teams that will fight for the first place the following match days. Next week we will have the last League match before December Playoffs. The 6 spots of the “Sunday League” have already been confirmed. These are the teams classified so far:

PlayOffs Top 1st-16th

  1. Pressing FC (Sunday League)
  2. Lads on Toure (Sunday League)
  3. World VII (Sunday League)
  4. Patatinaikos (Sunday League)
  5. Cebollitas FC (Sunday League)
  6. Vodka Juniors (Sunday League)
  7. Euroaula (Sunday Student League)
  8. Team to be confirmed (Sunday Student League)
  9. Team to be confirmed (Sunday Student League)
  10. Team to be confirmed (Monday League)
  11. Team to be confirmed (Monday League)
  12. Team to be confirmed (Monday League)
  13. Rayo Vayacaño (Tuesday League)
  14. Intrepid de Gracia (Tuesday League)
  15. Espiritu d’Ibra (Tuesday League)
  16. Inglorious Bastards (Tuesday League)

PlayOffs Top 16th-32nd

  1. Esperanza (Sunday League)
  2. Satalia F.C. (Sunday League)
  3. Mestizos (Sunday League)
  4. Olympique Cosmopolita (Sunday League)
  5. Geland F.C. (Sunday League)
  6. Timpik FC (Sunday League)
  7. Revolution (Sunday Student League)
  8. Team to be confirmed (Sunday Student League)
  9. Team to be confirmed (Sunday Student League)
  10. Santpaulista (Monday League)
  11. Mezclum FC (Monday League)
  12. No Transfer Budget (Monday League)
  13. HCC Tokio Marine (Tuesday League)
  14. Agrupacio Esportiva Typeform (Tuesday League)
  15. Melting Potes (Tuesday League)
  16. Atom FC (Tuesday League)

Date: 4th of December

Time: 20:00h – 22:00h

Location:Turó de la Peira y La Florida.

The day began as expected, lots of  tension, Lads on Touré faced Mestizos, a team that is consolidating little by little and getting good results, yesterday a valuable draw (5-5) against one of the favorites to the title. Lads on Touré for their part will have to settle for sharing the first position with Pressing FC.

The win of the day, we saw it in the field of Guineueta, Patatinaikos took the three points after winning by 11 goals to 3 to Esperanza, The Italians return to the path of victory after three days and still in the fight for the first position.

Next match, titans match, ended up with a  victory for World VII against Vodka Juniors (2-7). World VII has accumulated 5 consecutive victories and are running as strong candidates for the title, “the yellows” have a strong team and it will not be easy to snatch them points. On the other hand, Vodka Juniors lost again 3 valuable points, 2 good news for them, the season is long and the qualify for the Playoffs on December 4.

Another team with strong pace, Cebollitas FC defeated by 3 goals to 1 to the French guys of the Olympique Cosmopolita. The South Americans of Cebollitas FC are reluctant to get points and leave the top positions. The Olympique only needs more security back in the defense, otherwise it is a good and stable team to get more victories, since many matches have escaped by small details.


At the Camp de La Satalia we had the first victory of the season of Geland FC, the “little reds” have made one of their most complete games and have shown themselves as a team that is consolidating with time, yesterday they have thrashed by 6 goals to 2 to Timpik FC.


Pressing FC, the co-leaders of the championship, have played two games yesterday belonging to  match day 9 and 10, in the first match they have defeated by 4 goals to 3 in an intense game against Satalia FC, the “violets”although with a great team to compete do not just find the way to add 3 points in 3, long season is also left to be in the top positions, 10 points separates them from the leader or what is the same 4 matches, They must be strong so they do not give way.


Second game of Pressing FC, this time against World VII, They have been outdone from beginning to end of the game, the team led by Denis has been very strong both forward and back to add one more victory. Will we see this game again in the playoffs? We will see!


More pictures here!

We will see us again next Sunday! have a good week CeleBreakers!