Intrepid de Gracia and Rayo Vayacaño to the big Final

Tuesday League


We’d been looking forward this moment in the tuesday league, the semifinals had arrived and the best teams crossed paths again, this time to select the finalists.

Same timetable for the semifinals in the field of Agapito Fernández, well-sheltered public and players eager to start playing. On one hand, Intrepid de Gracia, the team led by Raúl, once again faced Espiritu d’Ibra, a match we had already seen two weeks ago in Turó de Peira with a victory for the “Blues” (Intrepid de Gracia). For this game the Swedes of Espiritu d’Ibra wanted to revenge for that match. the game started very balanced, for the first 10 minutes the score was still 0-0, both teams had possession of ball and chances, until the first goal of the intrepids came, shot from outside the box that got through the corner. Taking advantage of inertia, they did not take long to score the second one, and little by little they took over the match and the result, Espiritu d’Ibra although tried until the end and with good team potential they could not be close to the draw, final score Intrepid de Gracia 7 Espiritu d’Ibra 2.

In the second semifinal, faced the first against the fourth, Rayo Vayacaño vs HCC Tokio Marine. A very even match from start to finish, at 8 minutes the equality was broken on the scoreboard, Rayo Vayacaño was ahead in the result although it was not going to last, after a few minutes Tokio tied and even match again. After the break , same situation,  equality on the scoreboard, a complicated game for both. 10 minutes before finishing, Rayo scored the 3 to 2 and before the final the decisive 4 to 2, worthy rival for a worthy finalist.

The last positions were played also at the same time in Agapito, in the first field we had Inglorious Basterds vs Atom FC. Very disputed match between both, led by David, Atom FC got ahead on the score, both teams shared the domain of the ball but the Italians of Inglorious tied the game, and so it was until the end of the second half. At the beginning of the second part, Atom scored the second goal but it was not until the end of the game that Inglorious came back to take the match in the last minutes and steal the first victory of Atom FC in this championship. Final result 3-2.

In the second field, interesting match, Melting Potes against Agrupación Esportiva Typeform. Very Soon Typeform would advance in the scoreboard that dominated from beginning to end, Although Melting Potes showed good game in team, the reds were more forceful and decisive, final result 0-4.

That’s how things stand for next Tuesday, The Grand Final will be played between
Intrepid de Gracia vs Rayo Vayacaño, and the third and fourth place between Espiritu d’Ibra vs HCC Tokio Marine.

Remember that the first 4 teams have achieved a direct spot to the playoffs that will be played from December 4th to 18th!

6 best teams of the “Sunday League”

3 best teams of the “Student League”

3 best teams of the “Monday League”

4 best teams of the “Tuesday League”

16 teams in total will play the knockout phase until the highly anticipated final.