Newsletter Tuesday 28.11.17

Football Festival in Agapito, Rayo Vayacaño champion!

Cold but nice matchday we had yesterday in Agapito, Music, Beer, Cava … and football, a lot of football. We have defined the positions of the classification, third place, fourth etc. And finally, we’ve seen one of the best finals so far in the CeleBreak Leagues!

PlayOffs Top 1st-16th

  1. Pressing FC (Sunday League)
  2. Lads on Toure (Sunday League)
  3. World VII (Sunday League)
  4. Patatinaikos (Sunday League)
  5. Cebollitas FC (Sunday League)
  6. Vodka Juniors (Sunday League)
  7. Euroaula (Sunday Student League)
  8. Team to be confirmed (Sunday Student League)
  9. Team to be confirmed (Sunday Student League)
  10. Silence of Lahms F.C. (Monday League)
  11. We need a goalie (Monday League)
  12. Erasmus F.C. (Monday League)
  13. Rayo Vayacaño (Tuesday League)
  14. Intrepid de Gracia (Tuesday League)
  15. Espiritu d’Ibra (Tuesday League)
  16. HCC Tokio Marine (Tuesday League)

PlayOffs Top 17th-32nd

  1. Esperanza (Sunday League)
  2. Satalia F.C. (Sunday League)
  3. Mestizos (Sunday League)
  4. Olympique Cosmopolita (Sunday League)
  5. Geland F.C. (Sunday League)
  6. Timpik FC (Sunday League)
  7. Revolution (Sunday Student League)
  8. Team to be confirmed (Sunday Student League)
  9. Team to be confirmed (Sunday Student League)
  10. Santpaulista (Monday League)
  11. Mezclum FC (Monday League)
  12. No Transfer Budget (Monday League)
  13. Inglorious Basterds (Tuesday League)
  14. Agrupacio Esportiva Typeform (Tuesday League)
  15. Melting Potes (Tuesday League)
  16. Atom FC (Tuesday League)

Monday: Turo de la Peira and La Florida between 20h-23h

Tuesday: Agapito Fernández between 21h-23h

Sunday: Guineueta between 14h-18h

The days assigned for each match will be known once the positions of all the Leagues are defined, next Sunday, December 3rd.

We started with the 7th and 8th position, Melting Potes and Atom FC struggled for not to end in the last position, the French of Melting Potes had their day, they had fun scoring goals and receive no goals. On the other hand Atom FC, one of the most beloved teams by the referees and organizers of CeleBreak, ends  without getting the desired victory in the competition. We hope you don’t give up because we have seen interesting players in the team, Radek, the goalkeeper who joined in the last matches organizing and cheer his team from behind, his captain and also organizer of the League, David and the tireless Antonin, who ran like no one the whole field with his blue shirt of FC Barcelona. They just need a little more organization and the results will be arrive!

For the 5th and 6th place, Agrupació Esportiva Typeform and Inglorious Basterds fight each other. The Italians have shown their best game in the last matches and ended up taking the 5th position when they prevailed by 5 goals to 2 to Typeform. Both teams are very competitive and ambitious, we hope they get better results in the next leagues, or why not, in the PlayOffs next week!

The time for the first positions arrived and for the bronze medal and the fourth position played Espiritu d’Ibra against HCC Tokio Marine. A match that started winning Spirit 6-1, but it got complicated while the minutes went by. The Tokyo boys, despite suffering an injury from one of their players, were encouraged and went for the match, unfortunately it was not enough to win it. Final result 7-4.

The long awaited final had arrived and we heard some players talking about nerves before the clash. Intrepid de Gracia and Rayo Vayacaño, the two best teams of the League without a doubt, they saw each other’s faces again. Before starting, Andresito, the referee of the game calm down a bit both teams to be easy during the game (although it was not what would happen later). First play of the game, Rayo scored, volley shot that sneaks through the left side of the goalkeeper. It did not take long Intrepid to tie with a goal from Raúl, a cross shot that Rayo goalkeeper Ger-man does not reach. Intrepid, calmer after the tie felt better with the ball and scored the second goal, also Raul’s with a great play of Ignaci dribbling on the line as if he was falling off it, 2-1. Many emotions in the game, we found another draw on the scoreboard, 3-3 and 10 minutes before the end Intrepid scored the fourth, they wanted to dominate the game with long ball possessions but Rayó never gave up , managed to force a penalty that then the Intrepid goalkeeper would stop, giving more life to his team. They did not have the last onslaught of Rayo who managed to get the tie 4-4 and thus finish the game to go to penalties! The blue of Intrepid did not have bull’s eye for the penalties, and Rayo Vayacaño ended up winning the game and the trophy of the Tuesday League! Congratulations to the champions and runners-up for the championship and for the great Final they gave us!

Best goalkeeper: Germán (Rayo Vayacaño)

Best Player: Ignaci (Intrepid de Gracia)

Best scorer: Raúl (Intrepid de Gracia)