Newsletter Wednesday, November 15th (Match Day 7)

Tuesday League

The awaited moment of the playoffs has finally arrived at the Tuesday League, all the teams have faced each other and the positions in the classification have been defined. A very exciting last day as it was expected, full of goals!


Intrepid de Gracia confirmed their qualification to the semifinals by winning by a convincing result against Melting pots, that despite of the good game they showed, their mistakes back in defense have directly influenced the result, 8-1.

Same result in the confrontation between Rayo Vayacaño and Atom FC (8-1). A very opposite duel that ended up decanting by the leaders of the classification. Atom FC started dominating the game but in a few minutes the game was  3-0 against, Rayo took great advantage of their opportunities and made a difference.

Espiritu d’Ibra needed the victory to qualify for the semifinals, and so they did winning by 7 goals to 3 against Agrupacio Esportiva Typeform, sixth in the standings, their options to qualify for the playoffs was very reduce.

Perhaps the most exciting game of the day was played between HCC Tokio Marine vs Inglorious Basterds, fourth vs fifth played for a spot in the playoffs that eventually took the “Tokyos” with a tight 3-3 draw that leaves things how they were before for both teams.


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Next Tuesday we will meet again at the playoffs!

  • Semifinal 1

Rayo Vayacaño   vs.   HCC Tokio Marine

  • Semifinal 2

Intrepid de Gracia   vs.   Espiritu d’Ibra

Second Group will fight for the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th position.

  • Second Group Semifinal 1

Inglorious Basterds   vs.   Atom FC

  • Second Group Semifinal 2

Agrupacio Esportiva Typeform   vs.   Melting Potes