Barcelona is one of the football capitals of the world. Just playing here makes you feel like a true professional, as the city inspires footballing greatness whenever you step out onto the field to play. It’s never easy arriving in a new city, but if you love football then in Barcelona it can be a little bit easier to adapt, since there are so many people who share that passion, of all nationalities, you can easily make friends through playing football. We’re huge football fans and love to play football in Barcelona, so we’ve put together 5 easy-to-follow tips to help you find a team or any football to play.  


If you’ve come to study or work in the city, you almost certainly know somebody who plays in a league or tournament regularly, and if not try and get to know someone who is. In this city, there’s always someone plays or knows someone that plays football. Therefore, asking is one of the easiest ways to find out about where you can play football in Barcelona. Loads of companies and universities have their own team and often play against other companies and/or universities. So we recommend that you put on a brave face and don’t hesitate to ask someone where to play football in Barcelona, because there’s always someone who’s in the same boat as you. 

Keep your eyes peeled

Walking through the streets of Barcelona, you’ll see loads of flyers advertising different football tournaments and leagues going on throughout the year. For all of these tournaments you’ll be able to sign up as a team, or, in some cases, as just an individual looking for a team. There will also be people who put up flyers looking for more players for their team, so look out for them as well. This is may not be the most reliable way to find a place to play football in Barcelona, but you never know. 

There are loads of chances to play football in Barcelona

Just give it a go

Lots of players don’t like going and playing with people that they don’t know personally and just met on Facebook or an app. That’s understandable. Sometimes you’ll go to play football in Barcelona; having signed up for a match with people you’ve never met or with whom you’ve never played, and the standard of the players will be different which can be frustrating. What we’re proposing though is: why not just give it a go and try it? The worst thing that can happen is you, it isn’t great and you just don’t go back. Or, you find a group of people you get along with and who play at the same standard as you, so that you’re sorted for a group with whom you can play football in Barcelona regularly. 


Timpik, Fubles, Atleto, Footy Addicts. These are just some examples of new digital platforms that allow people who want to play football in Barcelona to find matches going on locally, If you don’t have enough players for your team, or you’ve just moved to the city and you’re looking for a team to join, or a way to play football when and where you want, then these are perfect. In fact, here at CeleBreak we’ve got our own events and matches that you can join through Timpik. All you need to do is download it, sign up and head on down. 

CeleBreak is an easy way for you to find football in Barcelona

Join CeleBreak!

If you haven’t done so already, I strongly recommend that you do it now. At CeleBreak we’re always looking for new opportunities to play football in Barcelona and we know that the city’s relationship with football is a big thing for lots of people that move here. So, we want to help those that want to play, but haven’t yet found a team or a group to play with. On our website you’ll find a whole host of different tournaments going on throughout the year, as well as details for our daily football sessions and the timetable for those. Ultimately we play football to have fun, we’re all just football fans who want to enjoy playing football in Barcelona and have a few beers afterwards, so feel free to join us for a kickabout. 

These are our 5 biggest tips that we recommend you follow if you’re looking to play football in Barcelona. Honestly, it’s not as daunting a task as it seems to arrive in this city and join a team since there are so many people who want to play football in Barcelona and companies likes ours that allow you to do so with ease. My recommendation? Come join the CeleBreak family and you’ll be able to play amateur football in Barcelona, on whichever day you want.