You may have seen our seen our article on the 5 best football freestylers, if you haven’t check it out here, but one up-and-coming football freestyler that doesn’t feature on there, at least not yet, is Saki. The German Cristiano Ronaldo doppelgänger, as well as being a world famous football freestyler, can also boast about having scored a goal against Borussia Dortmund. Here, we profile the rising star Saki:

Saki, or to give him his birth name Athanassios Kotsabassidis, started out by achieving his childhood dream of being a footballer, eventually joining his local team FSV Frankfurt. As mentioned above, his greatest moment in football  came playing for Sat.1 Allstars when he scored his team’s only goal against former European champions BVB. However, arguably even greater things were and still are to come for the young Greek-German.

Saki quickly realised that his football talents extended beyond just the game of 11 vs 11 that we know so well. His ability to perform a variety of impressive skills with the ball at his feet lent itself perfectly to another aspect of football: the art of football freestyle. As a football freestyler, Saki has received worldwide recognition with over a million likes on his Facebook page and over 10’000 YouTube subscribers to his channel. His rise in popularity through his profile as a football freestyler continued to rise and was helped by another aspect: his appearance.

Saki is often mistaken for his idol Cristiano Ronaldo.
You could always mistake Saki for his idol CR7!

You see, walking down the streets of Frankfurt you might just mistake Saki for his idol: Cristiano Ronaldo. Due to looking like his idol and possessing the skills that he did, the Cristiano Ronaldo doppelgänger attracted offers from major companies such as the German car company Audi. In fact, through these offers, Saki has showcased his skills on behalf of these companies alongside world renowned footballers such as Bayern Munich’s Brazilian star Dante.

However, Saki’s skills can also be witnessed first hand through the events that he does. In previous years, as well as in the coming summer amateur football tournaments, he has joined us at CeleBreak for our events with both Barça and Real Madrid. So if you’re interested in seeing the amazing skills of Cristiano Ronaldo’s German twin the football freestyler Saki, come and join him and us this summer at CeleBreak in Barcelona or Madrid – it’s a great opportunity to meet this up-and-coming football freestyler.