Coming from the states, I was so excited to hit the Barcelona bar and club scene and see what all the hype was about. I soon figured out that one of my favorite parts of going out is trying out all of the hip and trendy bars around the city before hitting the crazier night clubs. So here we are! As a member of the amateur football league company, CeleBreak, and a study abroad student, I’m going to tell some of the coolest student bars in Barcelona within the amazing city of Barcelona. Either to come on a chill Tuesday and spend the whole night socializing, or to pregame before a Saturday night out and try out some amazing cocktails, shots and concoctions.



If you’re semi-new to Spanish, like myself, you probably did not know that chupitos is “shots” in Spanish. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you come to this bar. More than 600 of them to be exact! I know, I was as shocked as you are. The bar is a bit small and can get crowded very quickly, but wow is it the place to be on a weekend. Most of the shots cost 2-4€ each, but Monday nights shots are all 1€. Many abroad travelers come to try out the cool and unique shots all with their own twists like the Snoopy, infamous Monica Lewinsky, Harry Potter, and Gummy Bear. It’s also fun to get a shot where the bartenders light the bar on fire like with the Girl Scout where you roast a marshmallow and use it as a chaser. Lots of students stop in to have the one-of-a-kind experience that is Chupitos.


I’ve hear so much about this bar by other study abroad students so a few weeks in, I decided to check it out. This is one of the most interesting student bars in Barcelona.  Let me give you the layout: Similar to the stock market, once someone buys a drink, that drink price increases. When someone isn’t buying a certain drink, the price for it goes down. Once in a while, the “stock market” randomly crashes and a flashing alarm indicates 3 minutes where the prices on all drinks become super cheap, around 2€. This is when everyone in the bar goes crazy and starts buying up drinks. Sound fun yet? The crowd that stops by the bar is usually study abroad students looking for an exciting place to buy drinks before hitting the clubs, but it’s also a good place to chill and have food while watching sport games. Decorated with classic New York, statue of liberty, and Wall Street décor, it’s definitely a fun place for international students to be, any night of the week.


This California-style bar spot is a more relaxed student setting for a quieter night out. The place only opened in 2016 but is quickly becoming popular for traveling student tourists who want a taste of the states. Literally. Along with the 27 beers on tap, you can order classic mozzarella sticks, tons of different wings, and a sweet and gooey pizookie. There are large wooden tables for a big group of friends and are good for socializing with the other young travelers along with listening to live music on Thursdays nights. Stop in on a Monday for 50 cent wings 7-10PM and Tuesdays for their 2€ tacos. If you’re looking for a chill and relaxed student setting to share some bar snacks and beers, this is the place to go. They also have student deals with IPA specials and more!


This large beer hall serves tasty bar snacks, tons of drinks, and is swarming with international and studying abroad students. I don’t know what it is about this place, but it seems to be the place to go to pregame or stop in to meet other student travelers when abroad. A good deal here is the 5L mini taps of sangria or beer for about 30€ that’s good to share with a big group. The place is huge, and has many long tables that make it easy to talk to others while sharing drinks. The place is known to “get rowdy” and is nothing fancy, but is an all-around super chill place to grab drinks. If you’re on a guest list, you can get a free shot and sangria so check online or on Facebook before you go. After you’ve got a good buzz, many students head over to night club Razzmatazz nearby to finish the night.


I suspect many international students come to this bar because I’ve really never seen anything like it back home. The popular drink to get here is the sangria, beer, or cocktails that come in 13 L goblet cups. I repeat: 13 liters! The drink is 74€ but can be easily shared with friends, or they have smaller liters if you’re not feeling up to it. It really is an iconic bar in Barcelona that abroad students go crazy over. It’s good not only for the amazing Instagram pictures, but the drinks are so crazy and unique you have to try it at least once.


Easily one of the top student bars to come to in Barcelona, George Payne is filled to the brim with internationals traveling Europe. Named “the best Irish bar in Barcelona”, the place is two floors and has 3 separate bars to order from along with a stage for live music and karaoke. Yes, karaoke. There’s a large beautiful staircase that leads upstairs where they have beer pong every Monday that’s great for a group. A secret tip? Order what students call the “blackout tray”. This is a large tray with 1 vodka soda, 2 sex on the beach, 2 glasses of sangria, 2 tequila shots, 2 Sambuca shots, and 2 Jägermeister shots that’s only 20€ and is great shared. The place also plays very American throwback and popular songs that students don’t mind belting out when a good song comes on so be prepared for a very fun, but loud, bar experience.

If you’re a traveling international student, or just visiting the city of Barcelona, we hope you enjoy these fun student bars. For more information about CeleBreak, an amateur football league, click here.

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