There’s nothing better than grabbing a few ice cold beers with your buddies after a few games of football in Barcelona. So, the CeleBreak team would like to announce a few of our favorite spots around the city to get a beer.  Whether you’re looking for a quick drink and a bite to eat, or sitting down to try some international beers.


This joint combines gastronomy and the love of aged beers by whipping up 30 beers on tap from all over the world. Stop in and try the Guinean IPA Yellow from Catalunya, Spain, Beavertown Lupuloid from London, England, or Evil Twin 2016 Even More Jesus from Brooklyn, New York. The brewery states that “BierCaB is a project born of the passion of a group of friends for craft beer”. For something to satisfy an appetite, grab snacks like their own twist on bravas, cod fish balls, potato and chicken wings, and croquets. You can choose a 1/2 or pint, weak or strong, light or dark. With great service, a cool and modern interior, and beer flights, this place is sure not to disappoint.


Seafood, tapas, and beer galore! This beer joint welcomes locals and tourists in to try their local favorites. The place was started by young Louis Moritz arrived coming from Alsace in Barcelona for more than 150 years- fusing tradition with modern flare. The brand was founded in 1856 and actually has the longest bar table in Barcelona. The restaurant divided into wine bar and beer bar for whatever vibe you’re feeling. For beer, try the Moritz Negra, Red Indian Pale Ale which is their first high fermentation beer, Moritz Blat or “bread turned into beer”, or the Mortiz red IPA. Food-wise, Moritz has yummy treats like La bombs de Moritz, Ibérica ham and cheese flatbread, Bravas “from around here”, Alsatian pretzel, and Crisp-fried squid rings. Yum. Feel free to stay late and catch up on some drinks with your buddies.


This Barcelona beer stop specializes in vegan and vegetarian brews and bar snacks. They have a great variety of their own craft beers, lots to choose from and  you can get a sampler to try out favorites! Some cool styles they carry are Pils, Lagers, Ales, Porters, Stouts, Saisons, Lambs and Gluten Free. When you walk in, you can instantly see how chill the vibe is to this local neighborhood pub. The bar usually has 8 beers on tap as well as uncommon beers, a mix of local and imported beers, and many different styles like a variety of Pale Ale’s and local IPA’s. The vegan food is another good reason to stop by. Some of the vegan bar food includes delicious  Mexican veggie burgers, hummus tray, and “Lasagne” de legumes. The seating is limited, but you can’t beat their fun and lively atmosphere while drinking your beer choices.


Grab an after-game meal and this burger and beer bar located in the El Born neighborhood. The place is described as  “tribute to the day to day, the working class hero, the craft beer, the street food.” The owner is young entrepreneur who loves nature and beer and dedicates his life to gardening and to its bar/restaurant Ale&Hop. They have 8 pale ales on tap plus some more craft beers, as well as a cool atmosphere that welcomes all kinds of crowds. The food is the other star next to their beer. Its good mixture of American food with Spanish flare that brings in tourists as well as locals. One yelp customer even wrote “Chivuo’s is the thing I miss most about Barcelona.” We recommend the beer paired with their “Chivuo’s” fries, which have a gooey nacho-type cheese and bits of crispy bacon. Nothing can beat it.

BrewDog Barcelona

Back in 2007, this beer brand started with James and Martin and their dog brewing a little over 1,000 beers with no bar. Fast forward to 2015, they have over 540 employees (along with their same dog), 32,000 shareholders, 44 bars around the world, and have made over 134,000 beers. The most popular brews are the Punk IPA, Dead Pony Club, Jet Black Heart, 5AM Saint, and Kingpin. BrewDog states that “Our mission is to make people as passionate as us for the craft beer.” The Barcelona location has live music on the occasion and is a great place for a stop while bar hopping. Try the April through June seasonal Hop Fiction that’s tropical and has citrus hoppy aromas or the July through September Electric India with saison, loaded with lemon and spicy aromas. If you’re feeling up to it, order the Hardcore IPA that has 9.2% ABV and is a popular order for the end of the night drinking. Cheers!

Black Lab

Black Lab is a Barcelona gastropub and brewery and was born as a small startup founded by an American brewer and a Chinese-Spanish restaurateur in 2014. They guarantee the freshest craft beer possible, made meters away from your seat. The beer joint has 4 beers all year around and 16 rotating seasonal and experimental and 2 guest taps. Fun fact: Every Sunday at 5pm you have the opportunity to enjoy the Beer Tour with no reservations! The place has a big screen inside good for watching the local soccer games while you much on their Asian-inspired bar snacks. Stop by with your friends and try one of their 21 seasonal beers like the sour lady, watermelon man, and the yellow fog which is on tap. The atmosphere at this place is so fun and exciting, it’ll have you staying later than you expected.

Cat Bar

Another vegan and vegetarian bar, this place has fun, eclectic atmosphere and decor, and  bright and colorful lighting that invites you in. Their beer sampling is popular as well as their 5 different types of vegan burgers if you’re feeling hungry.  The beer ranges from gluten free, pale ale, IPA, wheat, black, cider, and more. Not a big tourist spot, and located in the trendy Gothic Quarter, this place is a hit with locals. It’s nothing fancy, but has a chill vibe and cozy, lots of cute cat decorations and great quality beer to top it off.


Around Barcelona, this place is highly recommended for beer lovers. The name Kælderkold literally means ‘cold basement’ and is a desire to bring the spirit of Denmark to Barcelona as a small cozy hipster beer bar serving international beers. Stop in for some beer or cocktails or a beer flight of 5 different styles. It’s not the cheapest in Barcelona, but the quality makes up for it! Tucked away along the busy street of Las Ramblas, you can try one of their 12 beers on tap that are mostly IPAs and APAs. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly and the bartenders speak multiples languages and know the origins and tastes of all the beers for a great experience.


Physics professor turned beer connoisseur, in 2006, Mikkel Borg Bjersø, a professor of mathematics and physics, began experimenting with hops, malts and yeast in his home kitchen in Copenhagen, Denmark. Milleker was recently named as the best brewery in the world according to Ratebeer, so you know it’s good. Taps currently include MIKKELLER: NELSON SAUVIN IIPA, MIKKELLER: PETER, PALE & MARY, and BIDASSOA: BOISE, LA CALAVERA: MEDICAL STOUT and more! The place is very spacious with lots of table seating and the bar in the back. For a bite to eat, try the pulled pork sandwich, nachos, patatas bravas, Catalan cheese, or beef jerky. You can’t miss the sign that says “cold fresh beer and awesome food”.

La Cervesera Artesana

This local beer place has their own way intricate way of producing their beer. This is done either by “The Mash Tun” where they mix hot water and grist, a mix of barley and malts or by “sparging” spraying of hot liquor to dilute the wort and extract all the sugars. The production of the beer can be seen through large glass panes, with brass kettles in the background. Try the toasted Iberian Pale Ale with notes of grapefruit and flowers or the Honey Ale with spices and honey, or the dark Negra Stout with aromas of malt, licorice and coffee. This place invites in people of all ages with their warm and cozy interior with nice dim lighting and wooden panels that can have you staying for hours.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Barcelona and it’s international craft beer. For more information on CeleBreak, an amateur football league in Europe, click here