Everyone wants to watch the biggest football matches in Europe.  Why not find the best bars to grab a drink and watch your favorite teams?  We, at CeleBreak, love playing and watching football and would love to give our recommendation for the best bars to watch football in Barcelona.

7. Sonora Sports Tavern

Sonora watching football

     The Sonora Sports Tavern is the first bar on this list.  It provides a great viewing experience but unfortunately can’t show many events and one time.  There are two large projection screens in the middle of the room that will play the largest and most popular events at the time.  The bar will mostly play La Liga, Champions Leagues, and many other local and Barcelona sports.  The bar boasts great food for low prices and patrons enjoy the beer prices overall, with one of the cheapest pint of beer provided for €3.30.

6. The Michael Collins Irish Bar

Michael Collins Irish bar

     Located near La Sagrada Familia, The Michael Collins Irish Bar shows mostly FC Barcelona matches along with some of the Champions League matches.  They also provide a traditional viewing experience for individuals. With a television on a wall in the middle of the bar, everyone is able to enjoy the experience of watching an Barcelona match.  For drinks, feature 5 Euro pints and a good selection of draught beers, bottled beer, and liquor for all patrons.

5. La Taverna de Barcelona

La Taverna de Barcelona

     La Taverna de Barcelona is a hugely popular restaurant in Barcelona that features anything and everything sports-related in Barcelona.  The restaurant shows the La Liga and Champions League matches for Barcelona and is one of the most popular places to watch those matches.  People in the restaurant go crazy for FC Barcelona games, so if you want to watch a game here, be sure to reserve a table, because it will be completely filled hours before the match.  

4. The George Payne Irish Bar

Watching football George Payne

     The George Payne Irish Bar has an amazing viewing experience for all patrons.  The bar holds well-placed televisions and a great sound systems that fill the entire room.  Furthermore, it feels like the stadium crowd is actually around you while watching the game.  All of the Barcelona matches are shown at the bar: La Liga and Champions League.  It is 4.75 euro for a draught Heineken and 3.75 for a bottle of Coors Light.  They run a special for 5 bottled beers for 10 euro until midnight.

3. Shenanigan’s Irish Pub

Watching football Shenanigan's Irish Pub

     Shenanigan’s Irish Pub has 5 screens that show all of the big matches for the Premier League, La Liga, and Champions League.  In addition, they have draught Guinness for 4 euro and a 5 beer bucket for 10 euro.  They also have a special for a 1 metre beer tower which is perfect for sharing with friends while you watch a match!

2. Flaherty’s Irish Pub

Watching football at Flaherty's

     With 3 screens and a projector, Flaherty’s Irish Pub is a smaller pub that has a more intimate and closer atmosphere.  They also feature the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Champions League.  A pint of beer is 4.50 euro with a 5 beer bucket for 11 euro during weekdays.  Flaherty’s is a great bar to watch football because everyone is so close together and all cheer together.  It is a great viewing experience for everyone!

Bar #1 to Watch Football in Barcelona: Belushi’s Bar

Belushi’s Bar is one of the best bars to watch football due to the viewing experience that’s unmatched from any other.  Belushi’s has 9 screens, 3 projectors, and they show La Liga, Champions League, Premier League, as well as other sports.  They also have a special bucket: 6 beers for 10 euro.  Finally, you will never miss a single pass, shot, or goal with the amount of screens that they have!

If you enjoy playing football as much as you watch it, join CeleBreak! We set up pick-up sessions, leagues, and tournament for men and women in the Barcelona area, then gather for drinks afterwards at these bars to watch football and celebrate the match. If you would like to learn more about playing football with us, visit our website and download our app to get started.