New to Barcelona, and you’re looking for something new to add to your wardrobe? Don’t look further because CeleBreak is here to give you the best information where you can buy football shoes and other football apparel.

Throughout Barcelona there’s many shops you can buy things from, but sometimes you can be tricked into buying fake jerseys especially in areas congested with tourists. One thing we would advice from CeleBreak is not to buy things off the street, most of the things being sold are fake. Being apart of CeleBreak, a football organization that organizes football events, we know where to buy the best football shoes and gear.

There are multiple locations where you can buy official football gear at, so today us from CeleBreak will give you suggestions of where to shop at.


Futbolmania (Ronda de Sant Pau, 25)


This store is one of the best football stores in Barcelona; the store has a lot to offer. And it’s a fan favorite; many people in the CeleBreak community tend to shop here. As soon as you walk in the atmosphere feels like you’re in an actual soccer stadium. Apart from the atmosphere the customer service is superb, and they have every kind of football thing you can imagine. I would highly recommend this store for anyone trying to buy anything football related.


Camp Nou/ FC Barcelona Botiga Oficial Megastore (Camp Nou)

Another fan favorite is the official FC Barcelona store; this is nothing but Barcelona gear. So if you want to buy a jersey or any other type of FC Barcelona apparel you definitely want to come here. Not only is there the Camp Nou location, there’s also smaller FC Barcelona official shops (botigas) spread throughout Barcelona that you won’t miss. The one negative thing about shopping at the Camp Nou location is the price.


Fútbol Emotion Barcelona Born by Soloporteros (Carrer de la Ribera, 14)


Fútbol Emotion Barcelona is another store many people from the CeleBreak community shop at. The customer service is very professional and they have anything football related you could think of. This store is highly recommended to people because they have good prices and usually resolves any of your football needs. It has a lot of offer such as multiple football brands and jerseys of multiple clubs from around the world.