Where to Play Football in Hamburg


Are you wondering how to play football in Hamburg?  Whether you are a local, tourist, or want somewhere to play without committing to a club, then CeleBreak is the place for you.  CeleBreak organises pick-up football at times and locations that work best for you.

CeleBreak originated due to our founder, Daniel Foth, moving to a new city and not knowing anyone nor any place to play football in Barcelona.  Many people run into this same problem whether they are new to the area or not.  With that being said, we make it easy for people to find a place to play as well as creating new friendships along the way. It starts as a football game that then turns into a community.

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Pick-Up Football With CeleBreak

Play football Hamburg

Organising a football game can be difficult because there are many aspects that come along with it.  Finding enough people and finding a day that works for everyone is difficult because we all have different personal schedules.  It is challenging for locals and tourists which sometimes results in people deciding not to continue to play.  If you manage to find a day and time in which everyone is free, you then have to find a pitch and look at it’s availability.  Trying to manage everything and hoping it works out happens no more because it is not all taken care of.  CeleBreak has organisers present at each game to welcome you into the community as well as playing alongside you on the pitch.  We supply the pitch, balls, bibs and create the teams. All you need to is sign up on the App and start your CeleBreak experience!


How We Work

Signing up for football at a day and time that works for you is finally here.  In order to get started, theres a few simple steps you need to follow.

  1. Download the app
  2. Select a game and location you would like to join
  3. Sign up for that game
  4. Show up and enjoy some football and meet new friends!


How To Use The App

The app is really easy to manage.  To start press HERE. Next, in order to proceed you will need to sign up with your Facebook account, if you do not have one then just make one!

*Down below is what you will see once you download the app and sign up*

FIRST: You will first be presented with ‘Choose A City,’ which in this case click Hamburg.

NEXT: The app will display a list of available pick-up matches that you can choose to join based on what works best for you. You will be able to see the date, time, and location as well as the how many players are are already signed up for each time.

(You can press on the ‘Locations’ tab to see where the pitches are located for the addresses.)

LASTLY: When you find a match you want to join, press on it and click  ‘JOIN GAME.’  You will then be directed to conduct an online payment which must be paid through the app prior to the match.


Where We Play

Öjendorf Pitch Location                     Neugraben Pitch Location

In Hamburg, CeleBreak has two indoor pitches, here are the addresses;
Öjendorf Sport Park located at Koolbargenredder 31-33, 22117 Hamburg, Germany
Neugraben Sportline at Am Neugrabener Bahnhof 34, 21149 Hamburg, Germany


What Are You Waiting For?

Play Football Hamburg

Trying to find how to play football in Hamburg is no longer a problem.  Now everyone can keep playing the sport they love.  With CeleBreak you will be able to enjoy football at times that work for you and you will meet new friends.  Finding where or with whom to play football in Hamburg with is now solved and is available to everyone!

We can’t wait to see you on the pitch!


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