Why Play in a Corporate League?

Benefits of Playing Football with your Colleagues

For the first time ever, Celebreak will be hosting a Corporate League for companies to compete against each other. The League will be similar to CeleBreak’s existing leagues, except with the twist of competing against other companies and offices based in Barcelona. This extra layer of competition will add to the fun of the league while providing many benefits for the companies. With so many reasons to participate in it, the Corporate League is bound to be a success for everyone!

Builds Teamwork

The teamwork demonstrated by employees on the field will translate back into the office. Increasing a company’s teamwork allows tasks to be completed more efficiently and to a higher standard. All of the colleagues’ communication skills with each other will be improved, leading to a better work environment. After all, there is no better way to bond and create a stronger team.


Competing against other companies in Barcelona creates the perfect networking opportunities, both for your company and for your employees! Meeting other professionals from across the city will expand your professional network and lead to many benefits in the future. Participating in the CeleBreak Corporate League is the perfect way to meet and stay in touch with other local companies.

Brand Exposure

At CeleBreak, we have over 3,000 regular players and even more social media followers. Thus, participating in the Corporate League is a great opportunity to reach this new market for your company. Photos of your team and the company logo will be featured on our social media and website throughout the duration of the League. Additionally, reaching all of our regular players gives you a great way to contact potential new clients. It will be a great marketing opportunity for every company!

Health Benefits

In today’s day and age, the majority of the workday is spent sitting at a desk, simply looking at a computer screen. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important to participate in physical activity to counteract the amount of time spent sitting at a desk. The Corporate League is a prime way to help your employees get up and moving. This will lead to many health benefits and increased energy amongst employees.

Stress Reduction

Similar to how the workday is taking away from physical exercise, mental health and issues regarding stress are becoming more and more relevant. What better way to counteract a stressful work environment than playing a game of football with all of your colleagues? The positivity and joy experienced at CeleBreak will boost morale around the office create a more positive work environment.

Fun for All Skill Levels

At CeleBreak we are all about having fun, and this also applies to our Corporate League. Even if some of your employees used to play semi-professional football, or if they are playing for the very first time, everyone is guaranteed to have fun on the field. With this positive atmosphere, no one will feel left out or unable to play, making it enjoyable for everyone!