If you just joined CeleBreak as a Match Host or you’ve been with us for a while and would like to ramp up the experience for your clients, then look no further. With this comprehensive guide, you will be able to take your CeleBreak experience to the next level in no time!

At CeleBreak, we have always envisioned creating and supporting a strong community of amateur footballers who keep the love for the game at the heart of everything they do. As such, a lot of this depends on the experience you provide to the players when they choose to play with CeleBreak.



Your Mission is to deliver a memorable and rewarding football-playing experience. A successful day as host will be one where every player:

  • has a great time on and off the field
  • makes some new friends
  • can’t wait to sign up for the next CeleBreak match


How to deliver a 5 Star Experience:

How to deliver a 5 Star CeleBreak Experience

Studying our experience of having organised more than 7,000 games since our inception, we have compiled this set of standard practices that will help you deliver a 5 Star Experience. As a CeleBreak Match Host, there are always certain minimum quality standards that need to be met at all times, while we also provide a number of best practices, tips & recommendations that will ensure you deliver a 5 Star Experience to your clients every time.

The quality standards below are structured chronologically into 4 parts

  1. Before the match (Off-field)
  2. Before the match (On-field)
  3. During the match
  4. After the match

1) Before the match (Off-field):

CeleBreak Standards Before the Match

Minimum Quality Standards:

  • Make sure at least 2 well-inflated high-quality balls are available for the match.
    • Generally, we have an agreement with the football field to have sufficient balls stored at the field.
    • If it’s impossible to store at the field, make sure to bring at least 2 balls from home (provided by CeleBreak) to the match.
  • Prepare washed bibs. As a CeleBreak Match Host, your job involves washing bibs for good hygiene standards and keeping at least 1 set of CeleBreak-branded bibs ready for the match. In most cases, there is no agreement with the football fields, but you can check up on the same well beforehand.
  • Wear the full CeleBreak-Branded Match Host Outfit, before the first client arrives at the field. When a client arrives, they should be able to identify the CeleBreak Match Host.
  • Bring a watch to the match.
  • Answer questions in the chat (might be done in the future by CeleBreak’s Management Team).
  • Bring a camera or your phone to take pictures and videos of the match.

CeleBreak 5 Star Experience Before the Match

Best practices, Tips, & Recommendations to deliver a 5 Star Experience:

  • Before the players arrive, check the names of people who have signed up and the number of games they’ve played. Greet each player by name when they arrive. It makes the CeleBreak experience personal and shows that we care. It would be ideal to try and distinguish the “good” and the “beginner” players through the number of games they have played before, which helps you distribute the teams evenly by skill and ability.
  • Reward loyal players and build a personal connection: Check if there are players who have played a certain number of games before and give them a gift. When handing over the gift, thank them for being with us and if possible, take a photo with the player holding/wearing the shirt.
    • > 25 Games (Jersey)
    • > 100 Games (TBD: Personalized Jersey/Football Bags/Hoodies)
    • > 250 Games (TBD)
    • > 500 Games (TBD) .
  • Bring a music speaker to the match (if not available at the field). Ideally, we have an agreement with the football field to store it there.

2) Before the match (On-field):

Minimum Requirements

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before kick-off – this gives you the time to welcome and socialize with people and also to prepare material.
  • Greet and speak with the responsible person and other personnel at the field – a good friendly relationship is absolutely necessary with the football fields. The way we treat our community should be also the way we treat our football field relations – be it the field owner, field personnel, or the football bar personnel.
  • Greet everyone and make them feel welcome – be a caring, sociable host
    • Have social authentic conversations and make them feel welcome.
    • It is very important to welcome first-time players and explain to them how a CeleBreak match works. Some people don’t know what to expect, are timid, etc. You can either check in the app if there are newcomers or you can ask them when they arrive.
  • Distribute Bibs and try to make even teams: This can be a challenge initially, but with experience, you’ll be able to identify skilled players better.
  • Distribute Goalkeeper numbers. Assign numbers for each person, such that everyone is goalkeeper at least once.
  • Assign Positions on the field. Defining the line up before the match makes it more organised.

Best practices, Tips, & Recommendations to deliver a 5 Star Experience:

  • Play music, not too loud, not too quiet. “Commercial background music” that creates “social vibes” and also shows what CeleBreak is about: a social football experience. It’s a great first impression when someone enters the field and listens to music that draws them in. It gives the subliminal message that CeleBreak is about having a fun, sociable football experience.
  • Try to connect people and encourage them to strike conversations using things they might have in common.
    • Eg. “Hey Guillaume, meet Albert – he is also from France” or ¨Hey Jose, meet Javier – he, too, is running a startup”
    • Keep an eye out for any other useful connections you can make between players
  • In the small talk before the match, try to figure out their level of play
  • Observing the way they warm up with the ball, you can speculate on their potential skill level
  • If you know 2 strong players, make them the 2 team captains. Look for captains who are good players: organized, skilled, positive leaders, engaging individuals. This will help you to have organisation on the field and ensure you interfere less.
  • While distributing goalkeeper numbers, make sure that the first one who arrived is the keeper last, while the last one who arrived is always the keeper first – this will motivate them to be punctual.
  • While assigning positions on the field, identify who wants to be a defender beforehand. In the best-case scenario, you will have 4-6 defenders and can distribute 2-3 to each team.

3) During the match:

Minimum Requirements

  • Start the match punctually – maximum 5 minutes afterward, not later.
  • Change keepers every “X” Minutes. Make sure everyone is goalkeeper at least once
  • Observe the match closely and influence the match if needed
    • In a best-case scenario, all people are in the flow of a match and there is no reason to interfere.
    • But sometimes you need to interfere in order to create a 5 Star Experience
    • One of the things people complain most about is unbalanced teams
      • If one team is super dominant and is leading by a high score, take a match break and make changes to balance the team. Signals to change players:
        • The winning team is getting bored.
        • The losing team is getting desperate. The losing team doesn’t seem to have a chance to get back to the game.
      • If the match gets too aggressive and it ruins the experience for everyone – interfere by talking to certain people, switching players to different teams or different positions, switching yourself to control things, or put people in goal/outside the field to cool down.
      • If people do not pass the ball and it ruins the match experience for everyone – interfere by coaching them, setting an example of passing a lot, switching players, switching yourself to the team that doesn’t pass.
      • Defining the line up before the match makes the match much more organised.
    • If someone gets injured: Be the first person to help him. If necessary carry him out of the field and stay with him. Ask him how you can help. There could be a number of situations you face in case of a player injury:
      • The injured person just needs a little break and is back to the game within a few minutes. Just stay with him and ask if there is anything you can do to help.
      • The injured person is hurt and asks for ice. In a best-case scenario, in every field, we have an agreement to get access to cooling ice and a medical kit. If not, try to see what is possible. Usually, the bar located at the field could provide you with some ice.
      • Quite rarely, you may experience a very severe injury and an ambulance is needed. Help the injured player to get an ambulance.
      • Stay focused on the injured person, but depending on the overall situation try to keep the game going. If someone is injured, 16 people do not have to stand around the player. It’s usually enough if you alone help the player or ask 1 or 2 more players to help you with the injured player. The rest can continue to play.
  • Take high-quality pictures & short videos for Instagram Stories and similar.
    • Find a good mix of getting people exhausted, but still most important: Create positive spirit on the field
      • During the match, make sure everyone is having fun, positive comments if needed, include less skilled players in the match also.
    • From 20 minutes before the match ends, start shouting how many minutes are left (20 Minutes, 15 minutes left,10, 5 minutes left.
      • This will motivate people to run more.
      • Those who are already tired, know that it is not that long anymore.
      • It makes the last 20 minutes more competitive.
      • People won’t be surprised “ It’s already over?”
    • Always end the match with a Shout “Last goal wins” when there are only 2 minutes left to play.
      • It makes it more fun, exciting, and social.
      • Players give their last remaining energy.

Best practices, Tips, & Recommendations to deliver a 5 Star Experience:

Starting the match on time.

  • If you are still missing 4 players, just start the match anyway. E.g. If the game is 8v8, but you have 12 players – just start 6v6 and add the latecomers when they arrive. This will motivate them to be on time. Also, people who are punctual won’t be penalized by having less playing time.
  • In case you start with fewer people, put the bibs near the touchline so that people that arrive can pick a bib, and join without disturbing the game.
  • In case of a 5-minute (or longer) delay and the field is empty after us and you are certain the field staff allows us, try to catch up on the missed minutes.
  • In case of a delay caused by other people than CeleBreak, talk to the field staff to see what is possible with regards to catching up on time.

Change goalkeepers without disrupting play too much

  • Change keepers when the ball is outside the field or it is a good moment to change. Do not change in the middle of play.
  • Make sure it is always fair and try to change keepers at most 30 seconds before or after the planned time to change.
  •  From a pure client point of view, being goalkeeper between 4 to 6 minutes feels good/okay, as it’s not too short to catch a breath, and not too long to get bored.
  •  You could also decide based on the weather – when it’s really cold or rainy, you can decide to have shorter breaks.
  •  When you play 8v8:
    • Change keepers every 7.5 minutes (might feel long for some players) OR
    • 3min:45s (might make the match more hectic, but 3-4 minutes are usually enough for a player to be a goalkeeper)

Be tactful if and when you choose to influence the game

  • Look at the body language and movements of the players and listen to what they say (people stop running, sad or angry faces, complaints, aggression). These signals can tell you if you need to change something.
  • Check with the players if they want a change. Be careful, some are too proud to change. Then, make your own judgment.
  • When changing the teams, it’s very important that the change is “smooth”. It should be quick, at the right point of time, and especially changes that can balance the match. Observation is crucial.
  • The player(s) that get changed might feel humiliated, embarrassed or angry when being changed in front of everyone. Emotional intelligence on how to do the change is key.

Take high-quality photos and videos for social media

  • Players get excited to see high-quality pictures of them. We would like to give them pictures & videos that they can share with friends & family over digital and social media.

4) After the match:

Minimum Requirements

  • Thank every player for choosing CeleBreak.
  • Send pictures & videos to a media chat/a shared drive/CeleBreak Headquarters.
  • Categorise players on their skills and behaviour during the game and report to HQ.
  • Store Material in the right place and make sure that the field is being left behind clean. In case you lose a ball or break material, report it to the City Manager. This way you will make sure that the next game can also be a 5 Star Experience.

Best practices, Tips, & Recommendations to deliver a 5 Star Experience:

  • Socialise with players post-match.
    • If the situation allows it, ask them how they liked the match, how we can do things better, etc.
    • Depending on the mood of the players, you can take a team picture.
  • Share all media with CeleBreak after the game.
    • When players ask where they can see the pictures and videos, inform them that they will find them on Instagram, Facebook, and eventually on our Website (or application).
  • Categorise players to improve your future CeleBreak Match Experience.
    • If there were “toxic players” or a fight that harmed the experience of the game, report the same to HQ.
    • Super skilled players → We might create advanced matches for skilled players
    • Beginner players → Beginner Matches
    • Potential Organisers OR potential Paid Match Hosts

At CeleBreak, it is our constant endeavour to provide the best experience possible for everyone who chooses to play with us. This is a continuous process and relies on the feedback of our hosts and players alike. If you would like to share anything that worked for you or if there’s anything you feel we can do better, please reach out to us at [email protected]

If you would like to work as a Match Host with CeleBreak, feel free to apply at [email protected]