Are you interested in playing in an amateur football tournament but want to try it out first? Are you going to be in Barcelona in December? Well then we’ve got a great experience to offer you, as we launch the first ever Mini CeleBreak Tournament! Taking place on 3rd December 2016, the Mini CeleBreak Tournament is a one-day chance to experience the principal ideas behind CeleBreak’s famous summer tournaments and here’s what’ll be going on: 

People enjoy an amateur football tournament with CeleBreak.
Welcome to Barcelona’s newest amateur football tournament…

Starting at 11 AM, you’ll play in an 7-a-side amateur football tournament at Esports UB either alongside your mates in a team you’ve created or you can be put into a team if you don’t have the numbers. Each team will play a minimum of 3 matches of around 20 minutes. There’ll be plenty going on around the pitch to entertain you, with music, socializing and a few beers to top it all off. This amateur football tournament is for more than just pride though. The winners of the Mini CeleBreak Tournament will get a VIP table at Shoko, including 2 complimentary bottles of alcohol to celebrate your win in the football tournament. 

Before celebrating your Mini CeleBreak Tournament victory at Shoko though, your €19 will also get you a free drink at Rembrandt Café on Carrer de la Marina at the Players Party between 10 PM – Midnight, as well as entry to an exclusive amateur football tournament. After the party at Rembrandt Café spent socializing with your teammates and fellow players, you can head onto to Shoko nightclub along the beachfront. Even without winning the Mini CeleBreak Tournament, your €19 will get you free entry until 1:30 AM to party all night long in one of the most exclusive clubs Barcelona has to offer. 

Enjoy free entry to Shoko with your amateur football tournament fee.
Finish the day by partying all night long at Shoko…

Although this is just a taste of what the other CeleBreak amateur football tournaments have to offer, believe me, the Mini CeleBreak Tournament on 3rd December is not to be missed by anyone who enjoys playing football and partying. For such a small price you get so much, with entry to a fantastic tournament, a party at the amazing Rembrandt Café and then finally free entry to the incredible Shoko, where you could even enjoy a free VIP table with complimentary drinks. All for €19. What’s not to like?!