Looking for a place to play 7 a side football with mates now that you’ve moved to London? Then look no further. In this piece we’ll list the best places that the capital has to offer those who want to play some 7 a side football and all the relevant information you could possibly want about the places. So if you’re interested in getting involved in 7 a side football in London, check out our list below and if you have any other recommendations feel free to give us your advice in the comments below!


Powerleague is nationwide 7 a side football chain
With a variety of locations around London, Powerleague is a great option for 7 a side football.

Powerleague Shoreditch – 7 days a week, 9AM – 11PM


We start with a nationwide chain. Powerleague is great for 7 a side football because they have really good facilities with well-kept pitches as well as a bar close by for reliving the match over a drink. They will provide referees as well so your game maintains some semblance of order, but in my experience they don’t get overly involved and often have a bit of fun with their job which is good. You can either join a league or just book a pitch once a week and have a more relaxed game which is great, as both only cost around £5 per player for a game if I remember correctly. There is one in Shoreditch, on Braithwaite St., so it’s within walking distance of Liverpool Street Station and it offers a number of leagues for every day of the week. Powerleague is a really great option for affordability and flexibility and if you want something a bit more organised then it’s a great choice.

Clapham Sports Leagues – Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs & Sunday, 7PM – 10PM 


Located in, yep you guessed it, Clapham on Stewart’s Road, SW8 4JB, Clapham Sports Leagues is easily accessible via overground train or the tube, as it’s near Wandsworth Station and Stockwell Underground Station. In terms of playing options you can again either do 7 a side or 5-a-side if you don’t have the numbers, however the 5-a-side option is more expensive as it’s £40 per week, whereas it’s £35 per week for 7 a side football, not sure why exactly, but thems the rules. That’s per team as well, don’t worry. The pitches are 3G so you can slide in all night long without getting those horrific AstroTurf burns. If you don’t have a full complement of players, then you don’t need to worry as you can just submit your details on the website and they’ll place you in a team. It can work out a bit more expensive, but this is still a great option, especially if you’re living near Clapham.

5aside.org is a really organised 7 a side football league
7 a side football with 5aside.org is easy and fun to do!

5-a-side.org – Monday, Tuesday & Sunday, 3PM – 10PM (7 a side leagues)


5aside.org is a great option if just for it’s practicality. Unlike the other options, they offer the opportunity to play at so many locations, depending on what day you want to play and how many there are of you. Unfortunately, if you want 7 a side football there are only 3 options: Balham, Clapham North and Islington, but for smaller sided games there’s still loads of choice. Again, the pitch types vary depending on location, but the 7 a side pitches are big 3G pitches so whilst you’ve got to put up with the rubber crumb, it is less painful than AstroTurf. The have league options for every day except Saturday, with the kick-off times between 3PM and 10PM. Ultimately, it all depends on where you want to play and how many there are of you. Once you know that, the sign up process is easy via the website, so long as you can settle who the captain has to be between all of you, admit it, you like the name but not the responsibility.

West London Royal Football League 


As the name suggests, you’ll find this league in West London, either at the Westway Sports Centre or Phoenix Fitness Centre. The games are longer than most places, whilst at places like Powerleague you play for half an hour, here you get a whole hour, which is good seeing as the price ranges from £35-£60, so ultimately if you want a longer game, price-wise it’s a pretty good option. Again, this is more of a league so is more organised and probably less casual than Powerleague, but if it interests you then definitely visit the website, email them at [email protected] or ring them on +447971113009 or +447827840427.

7 a side football at the Evelyn Grace Academy
The Evelyn Grace Academy 7 a side football pitches are amazing

The Brixton Football Company – Sunday, Midday – 2:15PM (Kick-off times)


Once again, for location, the clue’s in the name. More specifically you will be playing at the Evelyn Grace Academy, SE24 0QN, which offers a spacious 3G pitch and is handily located really close to Brixton station – there are detailed instructions on their website. The Autumn league starts on 2nd October, so apply quickly as the league will only contain 8 teams, with 14 matches over 14 weeks, each lasting 45 minutes and costing £65 per game. This may be a slightly more expensive option, but for those living in or near Brixton it’s easily accessible and is really well organised so you get the most out of the league format, as opposed the casual nature of other leagues. The matches take place on Sundays, starting at 12AM and are at intervals of 45 mins. All you need to do is turn up and play as they provide the referee and equipment, so if you’re looking for a committed and organised league, this is a fantastic option for a 7 a side football league!

Dream Leagues – Monday & Wednesday, 6:30PM – 9:20PM (7 a side kick-off times)


Dream Leagues is another company which offer different leagues depending on location and your preferred day: with leagues in Bermondsey, Hackney, Haggerston, Stratford and Wembley ranging from Monday – Saturday. If you’re dead set on 7 a side football then your options are either Wembley or Stratford on Mondays and Wednesdays, but they also have 6-a-side leagues in Hackney and Bermondsey, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and an 8-a-side league in Haggerston which takes place on a Saturday. For the 7 a side football leagues the kick-off times range from 6:30PM – 9:20PM, with the Wembley league starting later at 8PM. Pricewise this is a bit more of a commitment, at the moment you can register for free (so get on with it!), but each match costs £58.50 per team upfront and you pay a £100 deposit which is refunded upon completion of the league. Whilst it is more expensive, the league offers FA qualified referees, great 3G pitches, stats, photos and highlights, so it is definitely a lot more than just a turn-up-and-play kind of league. Well worth checking out if you’re really committed to the idea.