Following our previous blog about the best football apps, we’re back with another article about football on your smartphone – this time amateur football apps. These are great apps which allow you to join local 5-a-side and 7-a-side matches that are going on in your area, and have changed the way that small-sided football games are played and organised. So not only do you not have to find a team or a group of mates willing to play every week, but organisers now have it easy: all you do is create the event and watch as the spots fill up. Easy. So, without further ado, here’s a list of the best of these amateur football apps and their pros and cons


Obviously, we think our app is the best app for finding upcoming football games near you. The CeleBreak app is easy to navigate, clearly showing the variety of locations and times of games that are open,  and how many players have already committed to each. The schedule is updated every week and shows all the pick-up sessions offered during that time, along with where they are played (including a map), how many players are attending and at what time. There is also information about the Leagues such as statistics, highlights and upcoming matches. Information about the upcoming tournaments is also located on the app that makes it easy to sign up for and attend. The CeleBreak app allows you to connect your Facebook profile for easy set-up and save which games you signed up for the week. To sign up for pick-up sessions, tournaments or leagues, use the CeleBreak app, available to download on the App Store or Google Play.


Now this one is for those in the US who are looking for a local football match (and yes, it’s called football, not soccer). ATLETO is not just an amateur football app, it also lets you find other local sport events. It’s also relatively easy to find these events, as it’s a simple, crisp looking app where you just search by location and sign up for whatever takes up your fancy.

However, in contrast to other amateur football apps it isn’t great. There are so many sports that you can choose from that it makes it hard to actually find the football matches, especially as there didn’t seem to be a filter. Also, it wasn’t immediately obvious if you could pay through the app or not, which isn’t a problem but means others have an advantage over it. For other sports I’d recommend, but maybe not for football.

Footy Addicts

Footy Addicts is useful if you're in the UK, even if the app is clunky.
Footy Addicts is useful if you’re in the UK, even if the app is clunky

The positives of Footy Addicts are quite common ones for the apps on this list. You can pay through the app: which as I said isn’t make-or-break factor, but is a nice little tool. It has a messaging feature, so if there’s a group of you it’s easy to co-ordinate everything in just one app and it shows the price of the game, again a useful touch.

However, the actual app has problems. It’s only for the UK, so if you’re there; great. If not, well try something else. Of course it’s not really their fault, it’s a matter of how big the company actually is so I don’t want to be too harsh about that. Another thing is that the app will occasionally stop working, which when the website is actually pretty easy to use makes it seem a bit pointless. Finally, and this is a small thing in fairness, it doesn’t let you sign up with Facebook. Again, that last one isn’t make-or-break, but it is a lot easier to sign up through your Facebook and so not having that is a negative.

Goal Soccer Centres

While all of these other amateur football apps aren’t an offshoot of a particular 5-a-side company, this entry is. Therefore, straight off the bat it’s pretty limited, as you can only book pitches or join games taking part at one of their centres, which are all based in the UK. The app is also pretty slow compared to others like Timpik and in general it’s a more useful tool for already established teams rather than individuals looking for a game.

On the positive side though, if you do live near one of the centre it allows you to easily find matches either on your own or as part of a team. It also features a messaging feature, so you can organise the whole affair through the app as opposed to a WhatsApp group or email chain. The best thing about this, and all of these amateur football apps, is that it streamlines the whole process and you can just keep all the important stuff for your 5-a-side football in one place.