Living in or visiting Barcelona has many, many upsides and the city attracts enormous numbers of people every year. At CeleBreak, one of our favourite aspects of the city is the number of locations to play pick-up football!  If you want to find out why we’re so excited about all these opportunities to play amateur football inBarcelona, then check out our list of the Best Amateur Football Pitches in Barcelona.


6) Camp de L’Àliga

Best Amateur Football Pitches in Barcelona

First up is Camp de L’Àliga, a hidden gem of a field found in Barcelona’s tranquil Sant Gervasi district. The field itself is tucked away near the cable car that carries people up to the spectacular mountain of Tibidabo, where tourists and locals alike can make the most of the amusement park, the iconic church and the breath-taking views of the city. Whilst the field lacks the altitude and views found at Tibidabo, it makes up for it with its great atmosphere. The field is flanked on 3 sides, on one by a wall of stone seating that gives it the feel of playing inside a real stadium!


5) EE Guineueta

Best Amateur Football Pitches in Barcelona

At this facility, the home of Catalan Amateur side EE Guineueta, you can soak up a truly authentic Spanish footballing experience. This country and city are known throughout the world for the incredible footballing accomplishments of its national side and its most famous club side. However, as we all know, grass-roots, amateur football is the bedrock foundation of the entire sport; and the atmosphere after a EE Guineueta home match on a Sunday is unreal! As you can tell from the club’s motto, “Som més que un club, una gran familia” [We are more than a club: a big family], the friendly welcome is extended to any amateur player who takes part in a CeleBreak Mini-Cup or league fixture without hesitation and makes it truly a special place to play!


4) Turó de la Peira

Best Amateur Football Pitches in Barcelona

As you can already see from the first two pitches, uptown Barcelona has many hidden footballing gems tucked away off the beaten track that are only known to real football-heads. This next one, Turó de la Peira, located beyond Gracia in the quiet area of Nou Barris, provides more of the same passionate, authentic Spanish football atmosphere found at EE Guineueta in a sublime setting. As you can see, when the sun shines down on the field at Turó and the gorgeous park that surrounds the field, there really is no other place I’d rather lace up my boots and play football!


3) Fort-Pienc

Best Amateur Football Pitches in Barcelona

If memories of playing games from the awesome FIFA Street series on PlayStation 2 form a pivotal part of your (misspent) youth, like they do mine, then the two pitches down at Fort-Pienc facility in the centre of town will totally knock your socks off. The smaller of the two is for 5-a-side, and if the classic FIFA Street red and white striped goals weren’t enough to convince you of how great it is, the fact that the pitch is located directly underneath a bridge definitely should! The bigger field has room for more players, and is has a bridge on either side, so having spectators shout encouragement during a CeleBreak Pick-up Session is a common occurrence! So really, all this field needs for the perfect FIFA Street experience is a big speaker system for the soundtrack and a guest appearance or two by FC Barcelona legend Ronaldinho Gaúcho…


2) La Satalia

Best Amateur Football Pitches in Barcelona

At CeleBreak, we’re suckers for a being able to take in a spectacular view whilst we play football, and La Satalia certainly ticks that box! Just like Camp de L’Àliga, La Satalia is located right next to the cable car station, however, instead of Tibidabo, this field is located next to the station that carries people up to Montjuïc. Here at this field you’ll find a slick, modern 3G turf and views that are unmatched throughout the city, which make for great vibes during the games.


1) Agapito Fernández

Best Amateur Football Pitches in Barcelona

If you were to ask anyone who lives in Barcelona what their favourite thing is about the city, 9 times out of 10 the answer you will get is simple: the beach! As a result, if you live locally or are just spending a few days in the city on vacation, then making the most of the gorgeous coastline of Barcelona is an absolute must.  Plus, playing football there! As a result, one the best amateur football pitches in Barcelona is Agapito Fernández. A stone’s throw from the beach, between Selva de Mar and Poblenou, it is an idyllic setting to spend a Sunday afternoon playing football in the CeleBreak Weekend League. You will be able to finish your match, grab a cold beer from the bar and head down onto the beach in a matter of seconds.  That  is what makes playing at Agapito a truly one of a kind experience.

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