Best Football Fields in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great city with an incredible football culture. Barcelona’s Camp Nou, though the years, has been home to the field for some of the greatest players of all time. Luckily, there are still some other amazing football fields in Barcelona. You do not need to be Messi to grab some friends and have a good time out on the pitch.

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1. Football Camp La Satalia

Located at: Jardins de Joan Prats, 08038

To start, La Satalia is a turf field, equipped with lights for night time playing. The field is great, but the view is incredible. The view is the best part of playing at this field. Being able to look out at the city of Barcelona while on the pitch, is what makes football at La Satalia so great. The field is open from 4:00 pm-10:30pm on weekdays, and on the weekend 8:00 am-10:30pm. There is plenty of space to play and be active. On the fields website, they include a map and directions that explain how to get there. 

2. Meiland

Another great choice is Meiland. Meiland is a one of a kind field being that it is one of the largest complexes to play football at the city of Barcelona. Meilan includes indoor and outdoor football fields. The fields are great, and for the most part, close together. Meiland has a lot of scheduled league games, including some for adults and youth. The field also has a bar you can eat and drink at with some teammates.

3. Agapito Fernández

Additionally, Agapito Fernandez if the perfect field to practice scoring like Messi. This pitch is located right next to Marbella beach, making this field a top destination when the weather is warm. After laying on the beach all day, play some football with your friends on this amazing field. Agapito Fernández is equipped with parking, locker rooms, and showers. Not many people can say they’ve played football on the coastline of Barcelona!

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4. LA Florida

To add, LA Florida is a stand out turf field, especially for a quick pick up session. LA Florida has a bar and restaurant, making it easy to kick back after the game and relax with a drink. This is a large turf field in a great location!

5. Rocafort

Last but not least, Rocafort is another great pitch here in Barcelona. Rocafort has an indoor and outdoor field. The indoor field is a great option for when it is chilly in those winter months. Get a group together and play some football through any season, rain or shine.

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These are just some of the best football fields in Barcelona. Now that you know where to play, the next question is who can you play with? CeleBreak is an organization that plans pick up football matches and leagues for people of all levels. It is easy to sign up and get started playing in a 7vs7 match at one of these great fields. Start your football experience today by signing up at Celebreak