The season is well underway, which means that it is nearly time to arrange the post season football tour in order to congratulate/console (delete as applicable) yourself on the events of the season. Plus, if you organise it now, it can act as a reminder of why you turn up first thing on a Sunday in the cold and rain, with the worst hangover ever, to play football. Here’s a ranking of 7 of our favourite post-season football tour destinations you should check out:

Algarve is a great destination for a football tour
The Portuguese Coast is great for sun, sea and soccer

7) Algarve – Now this option is probably less well known than the rest, and certainly less specific, but this coastal region of Portugal is still a great place to visit. Like it’s neighbour Spain, Portugal is a football-mad country and after their win at Euro 2016 that’s the case now more than ever. Plus, the Algarve is a really popular tourist destination in Portugal, with amazing beaches that you can relax on, as well as throwing yourself into other activities to pass the time. If it’s a relaxing tour, away from the hectic nature of a city you want from a post season football tour, then the Algarve is definitely a place to consider.

Dubai may be expensive but is unique for a post season football tour
How about something different for your post season football tour?

6) Dubai – Dubai is emerging as a great place for amateur football tours with massive tournaments that attract footballers from all around the world. Plus, the glitz and glamour of the place make it one like no other, on this list or in the world really. Dubai offers a truly unique experience and the tour can be an excuse for making the long journey to visit a place that many in Europe still haven’t and may not get round to. The expensive option, sure, but completely worth it.


Prague is an affordable option for your post season football tour
Cheaper than most options, Prague is perfect for a budget football tour

5) Prague – Closer to home than Dubai and cheaper than most options as well. Prague is an amazing city, with so much to see, as it attracts loads of travelers every year for it’s culture as much as it’s increasingly renowned nightlife. If you want something slightly different to the average holiday destination, but on a surprisingly affordable budget, Prague is perfect.


Amsterdam has so much to offer for a post season football tour
Amsterdam’s unique nightlife and rich footballing culture make it ideal for a post season football tour

4) Amsterdam – Do I need to explain this option? Not only does it have an incredible history with regards to football, the stadium tour is brilliant by the way with a museum of Ajax and Dutch football included in the price, but it’s just a really cool city to visit. Plus it can legally offer a side to nightlife that other cities frown upon, if that floats your boat…


Mallorca is already a popular tourist destination and can also offer amazing post season football tours and tournaments
Already a popular tourist destination, why not add football to the mix?

3) Mallorca – Sunny Mallorca is just a great place to visit full stop. It has the obvious attraction of being a popular destination for tourists so contains loads of places to visit and activities to do if you still have energy after the football. Plus there’s the beaches, perfect for relaxing in your spare time, or where you can have a go at a variety water sport activities if you want. Also, due to it’s popularity as a tourist destination it has plenty to offer in terms of nightlife.


Paris is a must-visit for a post season football tour
Paris is one of the greatest cities in the world, so why not head there on tour?

2) Paris – Ah, Paris. It’s impossible to do Paris properly in a short space of time, but there are the obvious landmarks which are well worth checking out if you don’t have much time, if only just to say you have done it! Plus, with the emergence of PSG as a footballing superpower, it’s popularity as a sports city is only increasing, with plenty of tournaments and amateur clubs in the area. Get ready for a cool amateur tournament! Finally, well it’s a massive capital city, one of the greatest in the world, sure it might be expensive, but if you’re on holiday with friends of course you want to go out and Paris offers plenty of great opportunities for doing just that!

Barcelona is perfect for a post season football tour with FC Barcelona and all it's monuments and beaches
Barcelona has it all: sun, sights, the beach and incredible football

1) Barcelona – It’s pretty much a perfect city. Not only is it home to arguably the best team in the world, but it has stuff outside of football which are perfect for relaxing in spare time, which makes Barcelona the perfect place for your post season football tour. The city has some of the best sightseeing, especially Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló and Park Güell, which can all be found in the heart of the city. Plus the beach is an amazing place to relax, right on the edge of the city and within walking distance of the vibrant Gothic Quarter. At night, the beach becomes a hub of activity too, with many of the best clubs lining the coast.