Even though football is the most popular sport in the world, it is not the only outdoor activity you can get involved. There are many other great sporting activities in Madrid that will get your blood pumping, your adrenaline going and will challenge you both mentally and physically.

At CeleBreak, our primary aim is to connect football lovers from all around the globe and make playing football as easy as going to the gym. However, football is not the only sporting activity; therefore, we also invest our time gathering information on other sports that can be enjoyed wherever and whenever you want. Below, we present a list of best sporting activities in Madrid, including a full guideline on where and how to find them.

Running Tours in Madrid

Running is one of the best ways to stay fit and be physically active. Thus, going for a run in a park or the countryside is always a good idea but how about something a little bit more fun, exciting, and slightly competitive? We all like to compete, don’t we?!

Madrid Outdoor Sports offers a fantastic variety of running routes for people of different gender, age, and fitness levels. You can choose from any 7 to 11 km long group Running Tours in Madrid, including Center Running Tour, Retiro Park Running Tour, Riverside Running Tour, Casa de Campo Running Tour, or Run Like an Egyptian. Whichever tour you choose, you are guaranteed to see the nicest and most emblematic squares, parks, and streets of Madrid.

The average time to complete the tour ranges from about 1 to 1.5 hours and can be done in groups of up to 8, 16 or even more people. For a running group of up to 8 people, the price per person is €30 and for a group of 9 to 16 runners the cost per person is €25. The booking can be done on their website – Madrid Outdoor Sports.

Address: Calle de Josefa Hoyo, 2, 28770 Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, Spain

Hours: Mon to Fri 10:00-17:00

Phone: +34 647 20 60 32

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 (Google reviews)

Mountain Bike Adventure in Madrid

Road cycling has always been regarded as the most widespread form of cycling. It is certainly a good form of outdoors exercising for a calm and relaxing adventure. However, have you ever thought of something a little bit more challenging and extreme? Then, mountain biking is exactly what you need!

Mountain Cranks offers a fantastic opportunity for you to explore one of the best-preserved Mediterranean forests in Europe located only 20 minutes north of the city centre of Madrid. Whilst enjoying the ride, you will also discover some amazing views of the countryside and the emblematic towers of Madrid.

The tour takes place in the area of Monte de El Pardo and is open for everyone over 13 years old. The tour itself lasts for approximately 4 hours (including pick-up and drop-off), with varying levels of difficulty that are of your choice (easy, moderate, or advanced). The company even provides pick-up and drop-off service anywhere in Madrid. The prices are as follows: €80 (single rider); €70 person (2-4 riders); €65 person (5+ riders). You can book your trip on their website – Mountain Cranks.

Address: Av. Del Ventisquero de la Condesa, 50, 28035, Madrid, Spain

Hours: Mon to Sun 08:00-17:00

Phone: +34 667 01 84 28

Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 (Google reviews)

Horse Riding Day Trip in Madrid

From the bikes to a more ancient mode of human transportation – Madrid has covered it all! Horse riding is an excellent choice for those who want to escape from the constant city noise and enjoy the scenery and piece for a little while.

Madrid Outdoor Sports organises horse riding day trips in Madrid for everyone who loves exploring and adore animals. The rides take place in the middle of Madrid’s beautiful Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. The package includes a riding instructor, insurance, and all necessary equipment. People of all levels of horse riding experiences are welcomed (beginners, intermediate, experienced), with a minimum age of 6 years. The price of horse riding day trip is €99 per person.

Address: Calle de Josefa Hoyo, 2, 28770 Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, Spain

Hours: Mon to Fri 10:00-17:00

Phone: +34 647 20 60 32

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 (Google reviews)

Paragliding Tandem Flight in Madrid

Off the ground to the sky! If horse riding was a calming and relaxing experience, you might want to get that adrenaline rush back again with something more extreme. And what can be more extreme than paragliding in the sky? Feeling the wind on your face, with your feet far from the ground and your body close to the birds.

Madrid Outdoor Sports offers the most indescribable experience of paragliding tandem flight. The flight sites are located in three different areas of Cebreros (Avila), Somosierra (Madrid), and Pedro Bernardo (Avila). No experience is required as you will be in safe hands of qualified and experienced instructors, with everyone over the age of 8 allowed to enjoy the experience. Average flight duration is about 4 hours, which costs €125 for one person. There is also an option of capturing incredible scenery when paragliding, which costs additional €25.

Address: Calle de Josefa Hoyo, 2, 28770 Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, Spain

Hours: Mon to Fri 10:00-17:00

Phone: +34 647 20 60 32

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 (Google reviews)

Kayaking in Madrid

From the sky, all the way into the water! Immerse yourself in nature by kayaking on one of the most gorgeous lakes in Spain – Lake Pinilla. Aside from its beauty, the Lake Pinilla is also one of the largest lakes in Madrid area, situated in the middle of the Lozoya Valley.

Madrid Outdoor Sports offers a fantastic 3-hours long kayaking trip, with certified and experienced instructors on board. No previous kayaking experience is needed, and everyone over the age of 7 is welcomed to sign up for this fascinating adventure. The price varies depending on the number of kayakers, with €55 for one person in a group of up to 6 people and €45 for one person in a group of up to 1 kayakers.

Address: Calle de Josefa Hoyo, 2, 28770 Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, Spain

Hours: Mon to Fri 10:00-17:00

Phone: +34 647 20 60 32

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 (Google reviews)

Playing Basketball in Madrid

Basketball is the second most popular sport in Spain, making it a mandatory inclusion to our list of sporting activities. The best form of basketball can only be replicated indoors; therefore, we were on a lookout for the best indoor sports hall to play basketball in Madrid. And guess? We have found it!

Centro Deportivo Municipal Gimnasio Moscardo is one of the biggest indoor sports complex in Madrid. In addition to various other sports classes and activities, basketball takes a very special place at the Municipal Sports Centre. The centre has a massive sports hall with plenty of basketball courts.

Besides, there are also basketball pickup games being played in Madrid, which are organised by the locals. To get more information on the outdoor basketball opportunities in Madrid, you must join their Meetup group.

Address: Calle Pilar de Zaragoza, 93, 28028, Madrid, Spain

Hours: Mon to Fri 08:30-20:30. Sat & Sun 09:00-14:30

Phone: +34 913 55 32 01

Rating: 3.6 out of 5.0 (Google reviews)

Playing Padel in Madrid

It is raining outside, but you are still eager to play some form of tennis? We have a solution for you – Padel! Padel is currently the fastest growing sport in Spain. As a result, in order to meet the growing demands for this fast expanding sport, the Central Madrid Padel Club was born for all Padel enthusiasts.

The Club has 8 heated courts, 2 of them with official World Padel Tour grass, physiotherapy service and offers group activities. For 60 minutes long sessions, the price ranges from €10 to €18, depending on the time of the day. For 90 minutes long sessions, you can book a court for as little as €14 and only €18 for 120 minutes of Padel.

Address: Calle de Boyer, 28, 28052, Madrid, Spain

Hours: Mon to Fri 09:00-24:00. Sat 09:00-22:00. Sun 09:00-22:30

Phone: +34 608 88 47 08

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0 (Google reviews)

Playing Tennis in Madrid

Despite the growing popularity of Padel, the tennis we all know is still one of the most popular sports in Spain. There are lots of places to practice your tennis skills in Madrid, but there is one, in particular, that stands out the most – Club de Tenis Chamartin.

A modern tennis centre has 23 courts equipped with artificial lighting. Sixteen of them are red-clay courts, with the remaining 7 located indoors. Many courts require booking in advance with varying prices, which can be found in their pricing catalogue here.

Address: Calle Federico Salmon, 4, 28016, Madrid, Spain

Hours: Mon to Sun 08:00-22:00

Phone: +34 913 45 25 00

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 (Google reviews)

Playing Volleyball in Madrid

Volleyball is another really popular sport in Spain, which means there are plenty of opportunities for people to get involved.

If you want to pop up for a casual game of volleyball, Voleibol Centro Madrid offers a court renting service for you to book a court in advance. Besides, if you are a group of more competitive volleyball players, the volleyball centre can also organise competitive matches and even tournaments. And finally, if you feel like your volleyball skills are not up to the required stands and want to improve, you can sign up for the individual or group training sessions as well.

We also have good news for beach volleyball lovers. A Meetup group called ‘Volleyball Lovers Madrid’ welcomes everyone who prefers sand instead of a hard court under their feet. You can join their group here and become one of them.

Address: Calle de Ana de Austria, 6, 28050, Madrid, Spain

Hours: Mon to Fri 19:00-24:00. Sat & Sun 15:00-24:00

Phone: +34 647 61 99 11

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 (Google reviews)


Before you head off to some of the best places to play other cool sports in Madrid, do not forget to check out our pick up football service! You can learn more about playing football and other sports in Madrid by visiting our website and downloading our app to get started.