CeleBreak League Rules

1. Matches will be played within the 7 a side lines on the field.
2. All matches will be played with a size-5 ball.
3. A referee is one and only authority on the field; nobody can overrule their decisions, not even the organizers.
4. Unlimited substitutions are allowed but players must notify the referee first and then should enter/exit from the middle
of the field.
5. Goal kicks are taken from the top of 6 yards box.
6. CeleBreak believes in fair play, that’s why we always shake hands before and after the match with the opposing team.
7. Throw ins-ball must be behind the head with both feet must remain on the ground.


1. Yellow Card- Bookable offence.
2. Blue Card- 5 minutes penalty to the player although he/she can be replaced.
3. Red Card- Player can’t continue the match but he/she can be replaced.