Games Rules

3 Rule's Categories:

1. Each team has 6 outfield players and a goalkeeper on the field at any one time.

2. Substitutions are unlimited during the game and can only be made when the ball is dead and only with the referees consent. Outgoing substitutions must leave the field of play before the replacement can enter.

3. Change of goalkeeper must be authorized by the referee.

4. The match will consist of two equal halves of 25 minutes, with a 3 minute rest period.

5. The referees decision is FINAL.

6. The referees decision on all on-field matters is FINAL, and no discussions will be entered in either on or off the field with him or any CeleBreak organizer about decisions. The referees jurisdiction on disciplinary matters will apply until player’s have entered the changing room. Player’s repeatedly disputing decisions may have further disciplinary actions taken against them.

7. Team’s with a valid complaint against a match official must put in writing within 48 hours of the match taking place. The complaint should be addressed to their respective CeleBreak League organizer, who will then take appropriate actions necessary.

8. Opposition player’s must be at least 3.5 meters or 3.5 big steps from where any free kick is taken. If a player does not retreat the required distance a warning (yellow card) may be issued.

9. Goalkeepers may not use their hands when played the ball by foot or from a throw in. (Head, Chest) are allowed.

10. A player may not intentionally kick a ball up and use any part of the body deemed ok to play it back to the goalie so that the goalie can use their hands to control the ball. If this happens the player may be cautioned and an indirect kick from where incident occurred will take place.

11. NO offsides.

12. Penalty: only the player who will take the penalty is allowed in the box, all other player’s must remain outside the penalty area until the penalty has been taken. If a player enters the area prior to the penalty being taken a re-do may take place (under discretion of the referee.)

13. In a case during a penalty shot, if the ball hits the post the player that took the penalty is NOT allowed to touch the ball again until it has touched another player first.

14. If both team’s have same color uniform, then the visiting team must wear CeleBreak approved bibs

15. A player engage in one team can’t play in another team playing in the same league

1. Matches will consist of two equal halves of 25 minutes, with a 3 minute rest period.

2. Team’s will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and zero points for a loss. League standings will be decided by points gained, followed by goal difference, followed by goals for, followed by goals against then finally head to head result between the two team’s in question.

3. A CeleBreak size 5 authorized ball will be used at all CeleBreak League matches. No other ball may be used.

4. All player’s should be registered by completing the necessary forms prior to competing for any team.

5. All player’s must be named on the team sheet prior to kick-off.

6. Any team playing an unregistered or suspended player will automatically lose the match 3-0.

7. Team’s are asked to arrive 20 minutes prior to kick-off.

8. Team’s must be on the field and ready to begin the match at the appointed kick-off time. If a team is more than 5 minutes late their opponents will start with a 1-0 lead, 8 minutes late 2-0, 11 minutes late 3-0 and 15 minutes late game will be suspended and opponent will win 5-0.

9. If a team fails to turn up for a fixture with or without informing the league organizers (minimum of 48 hours prior to kickoff time) the team will forfeit the match 5-0.

10. All fixtures are to be played, unless weather conditions make the field unplayable, Any decision to cancel a match can only be made by the CeleBreak management. Postponements are allowed under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of CeleBreak management.

11. All League results, standings and stats will be displayed on the website.

12. Referee will decide who the Man of the Match

13. A minimum of 4 player’s are allowed to continue with the match. If a team falls below 4 player’s the team will forfeit and the opposing team will win 3-0, if a team falls below 4 player’s during the match and the score is greater than 3-0, the score will stand as is.

Terminated Matches:
1. A match can be terminated at the disgretion of the referee, organizer or member of the board due to the following reasons.
-Inclement weather
-poor field conditions
-any other reason deemed legitimate by the board

2. If a match is terminated, all sanctions, game results and decisions to replay the match will be made by the board.

3. If a match is terminated, the referee of the match is to note in a report:
-Time match was abandoned
-Reason for abandoning match
– The score at the point the match was abandoned
– Any other information that would be helpful in helping the board with their decisions.

4. A match will be considered official if at least the first half of the match has been played.

1. CeleBreak Management may overturn any rule if they feel a team is deliberately using an interpretation of the rules to gain an unfair advantage.

2. The decision of CeleBreak Management in all matters pertaining to the administation of the League is FINAL.

3. Referees must be treated with respect at all times from all team’s. Team’s found guilty of abusing referees will be disciplined by CeleBreak Management.

4. Violent conduct on or off the field will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate suspension of the individual and could result in expulsion. All decisions made by CeleBreak Management are FINAL.

5. If a player is shown a red card (straight or from 2 yellow cards), the player will not be allowed to finish the match and will also miss the next match day and must exit the field. For the next five minutes, the team must play with a player less and then they are allowed to bring on a substitute.

6. A player may be sent to the ¨Time Out¨ area if they receive a BLUE CARD. It means they cannot participate in the game for the next 5 minutes.

7. Yellow Card- Warning