Amateur football goals are the greatest ever scored in a football pitch. Not the ones we see on the television or at a professional level. I’ve never seen Messi, Ronaldo or Ibrahimovic score a goal like the ones in this post.


Most of these amazing amateur football goals are scored while playing Sunday League or in a friendly football match with friends.

Amateur football Goals

  1. Rabona Style

I saw Erick Lamela scored a goal “rabona style”. The ball came his way and without hesitation he shot from outside the box to score. But it was still not like this player, who caught the ball falling after a rebound and scored a magnificent goal to become our number 5 in our list for the best amateur goals.

  1. Jay Jay Style

Few players in the world have the technique and ability to score a goal breaking the hips and ankles of several players in the way. Jay Jay Okocha often did it and now this amateur football player. Grabbing the ball in the half of the pitch and running past players to end up facing three opponents and living them behind with a set of skills that resemble the great African player. This is our number 4 on our list for the best amateur football goals.

  1. Free Kick style

Every time we stand behind a ball to take a free kick, we imagine ourselves as Sir David Beckham. Perhaps one of the best in the history at scoring free kicks in the Premier League, La Liga and in the MLS (not forgetting about his short time in Italy and France). This player makes us remember the best of Becks, scoring a magnificent free kick into the top corner. Our number 3 spot for the best amateur goals goes to this amazing free kick.

  1. TikiTaka style

Nowadays, every team teaches their young squads to play passing football. When I was young, we played very differently, everyone pursued the ball and it was messy. Now they all want to play like Barcelona. There’s always a Xavi and Iniesta in the team and one that is like Messi. Our next goal, which is our number 2, is a beautiful play between teammates, which ends in a great goal. Tiki Taka at its best.

  1. Own Goal Style

Even in professional football, the most spectacular goals are often the ones scored in a player’s own net. Maybe it’s because no one is expecting them or just because they come from a clearance that went bad. This goal is chosen as the best amateur football goal, for several reasons: it’s a great own goal, the reaction of the crowd and the reaction of the player. It will surely bring a little laugh to you and your friends. We all have that friend.

I really hope you guys enjoyed each one of these goals, since they are the closest we are ever going to feel as a professional football player. Chapeau to every one of these players for scoring great amateur football goals and hope to keep seeing more in the future.