Now we’ve already covered the best amateur football goals, and there are some real beauties in there, but what about the best amateur football fails? For every screamer scored by the most unlikely player, there are 5 embarrassing fails. So, in the spirit of celebrating the hilarious side of Sunday league football, here are the best amateur football fails: 

1) We all love an own goal, and boy is this one a beauty. In this lad’s defence, corners can sometimes be difficult to deal with, especially in-swingers. But not normally when there’s no pressure on you. This is one of my favourite own goals and amateur football fails in general because the defender seems to just forget that he’s got a head. All he’s got to do is head any other way than he does, instead he tries to swing his foot 6 feet in the air and amateur football being the cruelest of all the footballs he inadvertently heads it in. This wonderful own goal is truly one of the best amateur football fails. 

2) In fairness, this is only half of an embarrassment. The initial skill is good and reminds us that amongst the mud and kicking, amateur football does occasionally offer glimpses of quality. The fall was inevitable though. It’s almost as if the amateur football god (bare with me on this one) is punishing him for even thinking of attempting it. It’s a short but sweet entry on this list of amateur football fails 

3) Now penalty shoot outs are nerve racking – I’ve been in them and missed penalties in them. However, none of my misses were quite this spectacular. Fair play to the lad for trying what appears to be a Panenka on that kind of pitch, but the execution of this daring attempt is what lands it on this list of amateur football fails. Full marks for trying, but 0/10 for execution. Next time, maybe try something like this?

4) Welcome to the most Sunday league football thing you’ll see in your life. Everything about this goal screams amateur football and for me it’s the pinnacle of all of these amateur football fails. In a few short seconds it manages to combine a penalty miss, an air kick, a miss kick and terrible goalkeeping. It truly is a work of art. I can’t quite believe that this crazy moment was actually videoed by someone, but boy am I glad that it was.