There are football stereotypes in every match, in every friendly or, even, in every 7 a side you’ll play in the future.

Football is full with stereotypical players, and 7 a side is not immune to football steroetypes. Each team will select a very specific player for every position on the field.

If you find yourself with any of these attributes, then you’ll know which football stereotypes apply to you and your teammates next time you go out on to the field with your friends or in a tournament.

Let’s say we’re playing a 1-3-2-1 formation. Which is the most used by teams in every 7 a side tournament.


It’s the last place to fill when the captain is creating the team (should be the first player to come to mind). Usually, the goalkeeper is someone who knows football but hasn’t played it in a while and has a basic understanding of sports in general and is not afraid to give it a shot. Or it’s just the fat guy that’s so lazy to run so he just stays in the goal with the condition that you can’t pass back to him.


RB: Former midfielder, who has to play in defense due to the huge amount of midfielders there are in the team. Is open to playing there because he doesn’t want to create conflict in the team.

CB: The captain, architect of the team and oldest person in the team –usually. Is the person with the most experience and although he was pretty good at a young age, he never tried to play professionally. He knows when to anticipate a ball without fouling and his vision lets him be one step further in every play. Knows every player and is always the first to be substituted because his main goal is that the team has a good time.

LB: The only lefty on the team. In the past he was a very good left midfielder, with pace to have attacking and defensive qualities. But, since he’s the only player able to manage his left foot, he stars in the left back position.


AM: Fantasy. That’s the only word I can use to describe this player. Is always on the lookout to achieve a “Panna” and to humiliate the other teams defense. Likes to be the one who assists more than being the one who scores the goal. Sod’s law dictates that he’s injury prone though. C’est la vie.

The AM is always looking to humiliate the defender
The AM is always looking to humiliate the defender

DM: The defensive midfielder is the player that runs the most in the team. Every game he is attacking and defending every play, without complaining. It what he does and likes to do. Shoots from every part of the pitch and is the one that scores the most magnificent goals of your team. You’ll find him at the end of the match covered in sweat.


The star. At the end of a match or a tournament everyone is going to remember the player that scored the goals, the player who won the match for his team. He was a striker in the past and had a couple of knee surgeries, which keep him from helping in the defense. Never wants to be substituted, just because he thinks one play can change the game. And when changed, he expects a standing ovation from the public.

When playing or watching a 7 a side football tournament, watch out for these 7 football stereotypes, which I’m sure you’ll find playing with or against.