Play Football in Munich

Do you want to play football in Munich?

Welcome in your CeleBreak Football Community!

We are organizing pick-up football sessions in Munich on different suitable timings. No matter the level, the intention is that everyone can participate in games and enjoy. That’s also why we have beers after every session so that you can play and enjoy quality time with one of the most dynamic international football communities in Europe.

You can join any of our session by signing up and pay directly online your next session in the CeleBreak App and discover more information below:

Where do we play?

Aubing FC Kosova München

Kronwinkler str. 25, 81245

When do we play?


  • 6€ 1 hour football + beer afterwards


  • 6€ 1 Hour football + beers afterwards

More Info

How do I sign up?

Directly in the CeleBreak Application

Date of the games of the week
Hours and spots left
Location/Map of the field
Message box to communicate
Subscribe your friends
Payment Online

How do we play?

7 a side Football

Games are played 8vs8, 7vs7 or 6vs6
Artificial turf
1 hour of football
Beers afterwards!

What do I need to bring?

Just your football equipment!

A CeleBreak organizer will bring:
And beers!

What Else?

If you have any other question, don't hesitate to text us on WhatsApp +34722150688 and we will respond to you.

We connect football players from all over the world. If you are interested on playing a tournament in Europe this summer let us know!

Any problem signing up in the App? If your card doesn’t work or for any reason, you can also buy session passes here.