Mini CeleBreak Cup

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Play under the sun of Barcelona!

1-Day Football Festival and Tournament in Barcelona

The Mini CeleBreak Cup in Barcelona is, as the name says, a smaller version of our big events CeleBreak with Barça and CeleBreak with Real. But that doesn’t mean that the participating teams get less!

On the th 7th of May 2017 we present to you the Mini CeleBreak Cup in Barcelona. It is a one day CeleBreak experience and starts with the football tournament in the afternoon and ends at night with clubbing in one of the best nightclubs of the city. For one day we still manage to come up with the three main elements of our CeleBreak Tournaments: Travelling, Play Football and Celebrate in Barcelona!

The Sports Facility

Campo de La Guineueta: Carrer del Castor, 1 - 11, 08042 Barcelona, Spain

All our CeleBreak Venues are carefully selected with the players in mind! Especially this Sports Facility! It’s located directly on the top of Barcelona, which creates a unique atmosphere and vibe while playing football. The tournament starts on Sunday in the afternoon, allowing every participant enough time to arrive in Barcelona. The Mini CeleBreak Tournament is 7-a-side and each match lasts 20 minutes. We guarantee that each team will play at least 3 matches!

7vs7 pitches with new turf

Locker rooms with showers

Sufficient Parking Spots

A 1-Day CeleBreak Experience

Experience 1 day of football, party and making new friends

  • 14.30 – 21.00: Football Tournament @ Campo de La Guineueta
  • 22.00 – 01.30: Free Entrance to Afterparty in Nuba Club


Celebrate all night with your teammates

Afterparty– NUBA CLUB

Save a spot for your team!

19€ per Person(Maximum 16 spots!)

As the number of participating teams is limited, spots will be awarded upon receipt of the registration.

You can sign up your team by writing an email to: .

*registration requirements: Minimum 8 players per team.