Frankfurt, Place for Football?

When you talk about Frankfurt you think about the multinationals, futuristic skylines, ‘’the financial center of Germany’’, believe it or not, Frankfurt is also the city of sports, wonder why? First of all, is the German city where big sports associations are located such as the Sports Confederation, German Gymnastics Federation and the Football Association as well. In addition, important international events take place as well, like the Frankfurt Marathon and the IRONAMAN European Championship. This might make you think of Frankfurt as the city to watch professional sports, but what about amateurs who want to practice a sport? Let me tell you, there is enough room for that!!

Whether you would like to sport while enjoying the nature or would like to sport in the heart of the city, it is guaranteed you will find something that suits your sport needs.  The list would be endless, but for the ones that are watching the Bundesliga and are starting to get passionate enough to play football, this article is for you.

Whether you want to get your frustration out because your team is not doing as expected or want to celebrate the victory by sharing your passion for football, you can find several football fields to do so. In collaboration with CeleBreak, an international pick-up soccer organizer, some of the best and most popular fields will be described in this article.

1. Soccers Point

Unfortunately, in Frankfurt, you do not always have the weather to have an outdoor football match, at soccer point you can play indoors in well maintained and professional equipped fields. Soccer Point has 3 fields with FIFA tested granular artificial turf which are ideal to have a pick-up session of 7v7 or 5v5. Also, the closed band and net system keeps the ball always in play, making sure that you have smooth going match. There are always possibilities to rent the fields, the downside is that there is a minimum of 10 hours for rental. So, you must be sure of having string football fans wanting to play football several hours in a week.

2. Real Sport Entertainment

If you are looking to play once in a while with some friends, you can try the football fields at Real Sport Entertainment. Indoor and outdoor fields turf fields are available, the indoor fields are prefect for a pick-up session of 4v4. The outdoor fields are ideal for 5v5 or 6v6 pick-up session, in both fields you can experience the ultimate kick enjoyment in every season. It is quite a popular place to play, for that reason you need to reserve with some time in advance and depending on the availability they can provide you with balls and bibs.

3. Bolzplatz Football Fields

If you are looking for a more natural environment where you can spontaneously play football, the Bolzplats fields are the ones you are looking for. These are accessible for everyone, you just have to bring a ball and friends and you are ready to play, no need for reservation. There are several fields, which are hidden in between playgrounds and parks, which can be hard to find. In addition, if you do not have enough players, you can always find football fans ready to play a match.

This is just to provide an insight on the possibilities to play football in Frankfurt, there are many more. If you still are skeptic about Frankfurt as a city of sports, try experiencing for yourself. If you do want to just go and have the Frankfurt football experience, you should join the CeleBreak community. Through their app, you can easily sign for any match and make sure that you can experience playing in some of these fields. Download the app below!