Amateur Football Leagues Barcelona

Amateur Football Leagues Barcelona – Are you in Barcelona and looking to take your football game to the next level, beyond just pick-up games and parties? Are you looking for a fun and competitive amateur football league where you can put your skills to the test against other passionate amateurs from around the city? If so, look no further than the CeleBreak Amateur Football Leagues in Barcelona!

At CeleBreak, our passion is bringing people of all different nationalities together to play football. Throughout the year, alongside our Daily Pick-up Sessions, we organise amateur football leagues in Barcelona that take place every day of the week at some of the best footballing locations around the city. They give people the opportunity who crave a bit more competitive structure to their play, but without compromising the relaxed atmosphere that is central to all CeleBreak events.

How our amateur football leagues Barcelona work:

Signing up to any of our amateur football leagues in Barcelona is an easy process! If you are signing up with a fully-formed team, then your team will slot perfectly into an available space in the amateur football league of your choosing. However, if you are not already part of a team but want to play in a competitive league, then that is also no problem! Signing up as an individual or a small group is also very straightforward, as we can match players with other teams allowing you to forge new friendships while taking part in the amateur football leagues Barcelona!

Luckily, our amateur football leagues Barcelona aren’t just limited to the on-pitch action during the weekend! Thanks to the presence of our pitch-side cameras tracking the matches, you will have the opportunity to watch back all your best moments of skill, fine finishes and slick passing moves from the amateur football leagues Barcelona matches on video in the days after the matches.

The other important part of the CeleBreak Community and our Amateur Football Leagues is the off-pitch action that takes place every day of the week in bars and clubs throughout Barcelona. One great way of meeting other members of the community is that every CeleBreak Amateur Football League member, with the CeleBreak Wristband, enjoy nights out all year long all over Barcelona. Check out more details about the program by clicking below on our half and full season leagues!

Here’s a list of CeleBreak Amateur Football Leagues in Barcelona:

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Full season

Play up to 38 games in an amazing championship on Sundays all year long!

Half season

Choose the day you want to play from September until December 2018!


Represent your country by playing every Saturday in the most passionate league!


Every Mondays, play football with the best companies in Barcelona


Plays football with the youngest and most dynamic community in Barcelona


Join the league where boys and girls plays together every Sunday!