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After a very successful first edition, our Mixed League is back in 2018! Men and Women will both be playing  in the same team in a competitive, but fun league where fun is the most important part. It is a great opportunity to share your passion for football and meet new people. After each match, we make sure to have a drink together and enjoy quality time chatting about football and much more.

Come and share your passion! You can find more details below and feel free to contact us for additional information.

How the Mixed League works:

The Mixed League is a special Half season league and runs from February-June. Games will be played every Sunday afternoon. Season starts February 11. You will play 18 matches, with each match consisting of two 25 minute halves on a 7 a side field. Games will be played at “Escola La Guineueta”. You can read more about the CeleBreak rules here. Team’s are composed of Men and Women with a minimum of 4 girls on the field at all times. The season will have two phases 1.) Friendly matches 2.) League matches. 

Our CeleBreak Media Team will take photos at each game. You can find all the pictures in the Gallery of this website and on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). And thanks to the CeleBreak Wristband, you get free access and deals with top nightclubs every day of the week!

To participate in a league, you have the option of paying a one time fee with discount or fractionally every 2 month as a team or as an individual player. For more info message us on WhatsApp (+34 722 150 688) or E-mail us at playfootball@celebreak.eu

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