Are you planning to visit Madrid, or are you a long-term resident of the capital of Spain? If so, you might want to consider visiting other parts of Spain, and there is no better place for your starting point than the capital city that offers some of the best day trips from Madrid. An incredible city full of rich history and architecture, it has fantastic transport connections with the most glorious regions of Spain, including royal palaces, costal retreats, and wine regions.

At CeleBreak, we provide playing opportunities for people who are passionate about football and want to connect with like-minded peers. Moreover, we also search and gather information about other interesting aspects of our lives, and travelling is certainly one of them. Thus, we have composed a list of best day trips from Madrid for you to experience.


Day Trip no. 1: Toledo Sightseeing Day Trip

Toledo is one of the most frequently visited places in Spain, renowned for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites and their cultural tapestry. The city is also famous for its three cultural-historic co-existence of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian that has been home to these harmonious communities for years. The religious buildings associated with all three faiths are beautiful to marvel at, with plenty of them located in different parts of the town.

The most popular places to visit in Toledo include Sephardic Museum, the gorgeous Toledo Cathedral, the Church of Santo Tome, and the Alcazar fortress. It takes less than an hour by car and just 30 minutes by train to get to this fascinating UNESCO-listed city of Toledo. Furthermore, you can book either a half-day or a full-day trip here and explore the medieval city with a guide.


Day Trip no. 2: Segovia Sightseeing Day Trip

Segovia is another UNESCO World Heritage city, offering unique and full of architectural glamour sights. Speaking of the sights, one of the most impressive highlights of any trip to Segovia is the Aqueduct. It was built by the Romans and features two tiers and a remarkable 167 arches. The Alcazar of Segovia also offers magnificent views and architecture while exploring the public halls, chapel, and tower.

Other places to consider a visit include Real Casa de la Moneda, the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso, and the Jewish Quarter. An 88 km trip from Madrid to Segovia will take an hour and a half, but you can speed it up by getting on the high-speed train which will get you there in less than 30 minutes. If you want to travel in a group, you can always book a guided tour here.


Day Trip no. 3: Avila Sightseeing Day Trip

Avila is a historic walled city in Spain’s medieval, listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also known as the Town of Stones and Saints and has a fascinating history for you to explore. There are over 80 towers that are built as part of the city’s construction, with nine gated entrances. One of the most memorable features of this great historic city is an opportunity to walk along the top sections of the wall, where you can experience amazing views of the town from above. Furthermore, make sure to visit the Avila Cathedral that dates back to the 12th-century and Basilica of St. Vincent.

A day trip to Avila is often combined with a trip to Segovia. However, if you are short on time and can only visit one place, it will take you little over an hour to drive to Avila by car and almost double that by train. You can read more about this day trip and book it here.


Day Trip no. 4: Salamanca Sightseeing Day Trip

A glorious city of Salamanca is another Spanish city that received a privilege to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is more than deserved due to its rich culture and history. One of the most unique and mind-blowing features of this stunning city is the New Cathedral of Salamanca. It contains some fascinating carvings that have been added slowly over the years, including an astronaut. Besides, do not miss the chance to see the breath-taking gothic architecture of Casa de las Conchas.

The drive from Madrid to Salamanca takes a little bit longer compared to any other major sites, but it is definitely worth it. A two and a half-hour drive by car and a three-hour journey by train will get you to one of the most beautiful sites Spain has to offer. You can read more about it and book a full guided tour here.


Day Trip no. 5: Cuenca Sightseeing Day Trip

One of Spain’s best kept secrets, Cuenca, is a rather overlooked and yet magnificent historic UNESCO-listed walled town. Cuenca is perched on the top of a rocky hill and is mostly renowned for its hanging houses called the Casa Colgadas. The town itself has much more to explore, including the Bridge of San Pablo that is integral to the town’s history, and the Andes which is a great option for those who do not mind staying in Cuenca for a couple of days.

It takes little under two hours by car to get to Cuenca from Madrid and over three hours by train which run regularly on a daily basis. And if you do not want to go there by yourself, you can always book a tour online here and travel with a group of like-minded explorers.


Day Trip no. 6: Valencia Sightseeing Day Trip

And finally, a trip to the coast is always a great option after exploring some of the country’s most historic architectural sites. A city with a laid back atmosphere, sitting on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea will make you want to explore its wonderful beaches for days. Some other places that are also worth visiting include the Institut Valencia d’Art Modern and L’Oceanografic.

A one-way trip by car takes around four hours, but you can speed it up by catching the train which will get you to the sea coast in little over two hours. Additionally, you can book a trip here and enjoy a ride on a sight-seeing double-decker bus.


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