Spain is one of the best travel destinations with a lot to see and do, enabling you to get away from mundane everyday life and explore the beauty of nature. Situated on the southern Spanish border in the heart of Costa del Sol, it makes a great base for exploring different parts of Spain and organising some of the best day trips from Malaga. Fabulous beaches, prehistoric sites, lively resorts and mountains are all part of this fantastic topographically diverse region.

At CeleBreak, we provide playing opportunities for people who are passionate about the beautiful game and want to connect with like-minded peers. At the same time, we search and collate information about other important aspects of life alongside football. Thus, we have composed a list of best day trips from Malaga for your interest.


Day Trip no. 1: Gibraltar Sightseeing Day Trip

Although located outside of Spain, Gibraltar is a must-visit place for its stunning landscape, spectacular caves, and the legendary rock of Gibraltar. Only 1 hour and 52 minutes away by car, Gibraltar is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to temporarily break away from the traditional Spanish and Andalusian site.

Discover the main attractions of the famous British territory, including the Bay of Gibraltar, where you can sign up for a dolphin or whale watching excursion, St Michael’s Cave, and the Europa Point, where a lighthouse marks the gateway of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. And if you do not want to go there by yourself, you can book an organised trip to Gibraltar from Costa del Sol here.


Day Trip no. 2: Cordoba Sightseeing Day Trip

Cordoba is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Andalusia, serving a mixture of Islamic, Roman, and Spanish culture and history. A UNESCO-listed city is a stunning place to wonder around, and so are the cobbled streets of the Jewish Quarter. Make sure to visit the legendary places such as the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the ancient Roman Bridge, and the grounds of the fabulous Alcazar.

A 159 km long car drive will take little under two hours, while the train will get you there in less than 60 minutes. Direct trains from Malaga to Cordoba run up to 20 times a day, providing you with the best choice of time. If you want to sign up for a full-day trip, you can do it here.


Day Trip no. 3: Frigiliana Sightseeing Day Trip

Explore a fascinating coastal village of Frigiliana and gaze at the seaside of the Mediterranean on a half-day trip from Malaga. Only 48 minutes away by car, Frigiliana is the picturesque whitewashed village, full of narrow, meandering streets and charming shops and cafes along the way.

On your trip, you will visit the glorious ancient Moorish fortress, the Natural Park of Almijara y Alhama while also navigating the lanes of sandy coves and beautiful beaches. If you do not want to travel there by car, you can book a half-day trip here.


Day Trip no. 4: Granada Sightseeing Day Trip

If you are a big fan of local history and architecture, then a short trip to Granada will be one of the most rewarding experiences during your stay in Malaga. The southern Spanish city is best-known for the UNESCO-listed Generalife Gardens and Alhambra Palace, which is regarded as one of the world’s finest Moorish monuments.

The beautiful UNESCO World Heritage sites are not the only places to visit and see though. Explore the city’s labyrinthine Arabic Quarter for an even better adventure, as well as visit the historic Roman neighbourhood of Sacromonte. Malaga to Granada trip by car takes an hour and a half, but you can always get a bus or a train that run often throughout the day. If you want to book a guided tour to Granada from Malaga, you can do it here.


Day Trip no. 5: Seville Sightseeing Day Trip

Overflown with Spanish warmth and passion, and rich architectural history, Seville is a marvellous day trip from Malaga although not the easiest ones. It takes little over two hours to get to the Andalusian capital by car, but the countless architectural landmarks and the colourful districts of Santa Cruz and Triana are worth a try.

Some of the most majestic places in Seville include the Gothic cathedral, the Alcazar, the Plaza de Espana, and hundreds of tapas bars. You can book a full-day trip from the Costa del Sol to Seville here.


Day Trip no. 6: Ronda Sightseeing Day Trip

A medieval hilltop city of Ronda greets its visitors with some of the most dramatic views of the countryside. This historically rich cliffside town gives you an opportunity to marvel at the fascinating stone bridge of Puente Nuevo, Mondragon Palace, and Spain’s oldest bullfighting ring. On top of that, the place is full of excellent restaurants and museums, as well as whitewashed Andalusian houses.

Ronda is little over an hour away from Malaga if you drive there by car, but you can also catch the bus or train which run daily on a regular basis. Additionally, you can book a fully guided day trip from Malaga to Ronda here.


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