Have you just recently graduated from university with a degree in sports and looking for job opportunities in football? There are plenty of job sectors in football that offer fantastic employment opportunities for the lovers of the beautiful game, assuming you have the required qualifications, skills, and experience to enter this exciting industry. In order to put you on the right path, we have composed a list of the best football jobs in Malaga for anyone who is currently living in this beautiful city of Costa del Sol or is planning to relocate if the right opportunity comes around.

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Job no. 1: Football Coach

Football coaching is widely considered to be one of the most challenging and yet rewarding professions in the job market. As a football coach, you are at the heart of the beautiful game all the time, leading and guiding your players to success on the pitch and watching them improve. Coaching is thought to be the most advertised job position within the industry.

Football in Malaga has a long and rich history, and coaching is undoubtedly the number one job sphere in terms of mass interest and popularity among aspiring professionals. For football coaches living in Malaga, there are three main institutions that provide the opportunity to get your foot in the door: Malaga CF, FC Malaga City Academy, and Marbella Football Center.

Malaga Football Club is constantly searching for professionals and new talent looking to join their big project. If you believe you have the necessary knowledge and skills to be part of Malaga CF coaching department, feel free to send your CV to [email protected].

Other websites where you can find football coaching opportunities in Malaga include: futboljobs.com, globalsportsjobs.com, and jobsinfootball.com.

Job no. 2: Football Scout

Finding and recruiting the best talent on a budget has become a key objective for most football clubs in recent years. In fact, in many ways, it has even become one of the leading factors to success in a modern game, where signing the right player can make a world of difference.

Before a player is signed, football clubs take into consideration many different variables that may possibly determine whether a player will be a good fit for the team. This is where the football scout comes in whose job is to evaluate every major and minor detail of a player the club potentially wants to sign.

Malaga CF is on the top of our list for all the Malaga-based football scouts who are looking to work for a professional top football club. The club is always on a lookout for new talented and experienced professionals, including football scouts, to become part of their team. If you think that you fit the bill, do not hesitate to send your CV to [email protected]. Moreover, if you wish to further increase your knowledge and gain even more invaluable practice in a field of football scouting, Malaga Football Club offers a specialised course in Sports Management and Scouting.

Other websites where you can find football scouting opportunities in Malaga include: futboljobs.com, globalsportsjobs.com, and jobsinfootball.com.

Job no. 3: Football Analyst

Football has evolved dramatically over the last decade or so, meaning that clubs hire more and more technical staff to keep up with the pace of the modern game. A football analyst is a fairly recent and yet crucial phenomenon in the professional football industry, as teams seek to take advantage of every single weakness in the opposition’s game.

The main task of a football analyst job includes providing tailored performance analysis support for the first team and its players. A team’s analyst films and codes the key tactical moments of the game and liaises with the coaching staff to identify the key strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team. Other responsibilities include preparing and delivering pre-match and post-match analysis, as well as building a statistical database that highlights the key objective match data.

Malaga CF is arguably the most promising career destination for all aspiring analysts based in the city, making it one of the best football jobs in Malaga. An established La Liga club is open to applications from football professionals of all spheres, including performance analysis, who would like to become part of one of the best football clubs in Spain. If you are an aspiring and passionate football analyst, do not wait and send your CV to [email protected]. Additionally, you can further enhance your tactical knowledge by enrolling to a Specialised Course in Tactical Analysis in Football delivered by Malaga Football Club.

Other football analysis job opportunities can be found on the following websites: futboljobs.com, globalsportsjobs.com, and jobsinfootball.com.

Job no. 4: Football Journalist

One of the oldest professions in the sports field – football journalism – offers an exciting career path for people who are opinionated about all things football and have a talent for writing and reporting the breaking news. As a football journalist, you can work across all media channels, including print, television broadcasting, and the internet.

Depending on your field, you will be writing about and reporting on the games, as well as interviewing coaches and players, and providing live in-game commentary. In general, football journalists working in the print media provide the readers with detailed previews of the upcoming matches and post-game reports. Additionally, broadcast football journalists are responsible for providing real-time reporting and commentary of a match for either television or radio.

Malaga CF appears on the top of our list once again, as the club offers the possibility to join one of their departments, including the media, making it one of the best football jobs in Malaga. If you think that you can contribute to their media department, feel free to email your CV to [email protected] and you might be the lucky one. Moreover, a Malaga-based online football outlet BeSoccer is also on the lookout for talented football journalists and content creators. You can check out their job openings here.

Other websites where you can find football journalism opportunities in Malaga include: futboljobs.com, globalsportsjobs.com, and jobsinfootball.com.


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