Malaga is a great place to work, study, and explore its beautiful nature, including the stunning Mediterranean sea and its beaches. However, there is more to Malaga than just a busy daily life full of worries. The city’s nightlife is the perfect opportunity to get to know the other side of its culture and experience the local vibe, with some of the best nightclubs in Malaga.

Malaga is renowned for being a university city with lots of young people hanging around and looking for some exciting stuff to do. Clubbing is one of the most popular evening activities among students and young people in general, thus finding a hotspot where you can loosen yourself up and forget about daily worries is always cool.

At CeleBreak, we provide playing opportunities for people who are passionate about football and want to connect with like-minded people. Furthermore, we also spend time researching and gathering information about other interesting aspects of life, including nocturnal activities. For this reason, we have composed a list of best nightclubs in Malaga for people who enjoy living a vibrant life.

Best Nightclub no. 1: Velvet Club Malaga

Velvet is arguably the best-known and most popular nightclub in Malaga, situated in the most privileged location in town, between Calle Larios, the Picasso Museum, and the Thyssen Museum. The nightclub offers the best house, club, and electronic music in town, as well as organises live music evening shows for the enjoyment of the public. Each Wednesday, the evening show is led by one of the most popular DJs in Malaga, Ariel Decks. This full package makes Velvet a very attractive place for those who enjoy a dance club type atmosphere.

The unique part of Velvet Club is its wooden design that provides exceptional acoustic quality. It can fit in up to 180 people, which is not a problem because the club has a fully installed air conditioning system. Additionally, if you want to organise a birthday party or celebrate any other meaningful occasion, you can book the club hall in advance. You can read more about it here

Address: Calle Convalecientes, 11, 29008 Málaga, Spain

Hours: Thur 23:00-03:00. Fri & Sat 23:00-04:00. Sun to Wed – closed

Phone: +34 644 33 10 90

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0 (Google reviews)

Best Nightclub no. 2: Pacha Costa del Sol

Pacha Costa del Sol is the biggest nightclub in Malaga, designed to be 1500-square-meter big with the capacity to house up to 1800 people. Pacha is renowned for its contemporary music trends, including the deep house for the youngest and the most energetic public, as well as the lounge music for those who are a little less active.

The nightclub was designed by one of the most famous Spanish designers and architects – Jorge Goula. Fancy cocktails and many other drinks are always on offer.

Address: Parque de Ocio Plaza Mayor, s/n, C.P. 29004, Málaga, Málaga

Hours: Thur to Sat 24:00-07:00. Sun to Wed – closed.

Phone: +34 952 17 25 18

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 (Google reviews)

Best Nightclub no. 3: Bambu Music & Drinks

Bambu Music & Drinks is a fresh and vibrant nightclub situated in the heart of Malaga, Costa del Sol. The club has a very strong Thai appeal, with a heavily Rococo designed interior and decorations made out of Bamboo. Although its design has lots of foreign elements to it, the club itself feels very Spanish indeed.

Let yourself be enveloped by its careful decoration and enjoy the best music from the most famous local DJs. The music scene at Bambu is diverse, but the most popular genres are commercial pop and dance music. The club offers its visitors a VIP area and a dance floor for up to 70 people. There is a possibility to reserve a table in advance, or you can just pop in for a drink or cocktail whenever it suits you. The cheapest VIP tables at Bambu start from 90€, going up to 200€ for a special VIP table. 

Get ready to dance to all type of contemporary music while enjoying high-quality sishas with natural coal. The entrance fee is only 8€ per person and you also get a free drink as part of your evening, with separate drinks going for 10€ each. 

Address: Calle Sta. Lucía, 11, 29008 Málaga, Spain

Hours: Sun to Thur 22:00-03:00. Fri & Sat 23:00-04:30.

Phone: +34 653 20 92 43

Rating: 3.9 out of 5.0 (Google reviews)

Best Nightclub no. 4: Discoteca Anden

Discoteca Anden – founded in 1988 – is another great place to spend a memorable night out in Malaga. The club will provide you with a huge space of fun, where you will enjoy the best music in town from the hands of DJ who will delight all Discoteca Anden guests. The club contains two large independent and modular rooms, four bars, and six VIP zones, all equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and robotics.

Additionally, you can reserve one of six VIP areas for you and your special evening guests. The offer contains a table for four or five people and a special waiter service, meaning you will not have to wait in a queue. You can make the reservation by visiting the official website of Discoteca Anden here.  

Address: Plaza de Uncibay, 8, 29008 Málaga, Spain

Hours: Thur 23:30-06:00. Fri 23:30-07:00. Sat 23:30-12:00. Sun to Wed – closed

Phone: +34 650 10 13 88

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0 (Google reviews)

Best Nightclub no. 5: Theatro Club Malaga

A Latino nightclub, Theatro or Siempre Asi, is a trendy club located in the heart of the city centre that is always filled with positive and fun people. It is also renowned as a space open to culture and the development of the performing arts that fits in nicely with the music vibe on offer. Speaking of music, Latino rumba, Salsa, and Spanish rock are the most popular tracks among the guests of Theatro Club Malaga.

Address: Calle Lazcano, 5, 29008 Málaga, Spain

Hours: Sun to Thur 22:00-06:00. Fri & Sat 22:00-07:00

Phone: +34 670 09 87 49

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0 (Google reviews)


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